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I changed the Title a bit
(opinion should I just EDIT IN
 what I initially was going to call it
(Endangered Fruit Species Part part 3)

Also have more to add about a Dam being built in China,
and newly discovered plants thought extinct being preserved before dam is built.
 (but no link  sorry it's only on paper I tried, buit wrote down after  seeing it on China TV.)

Here are older posts

 Endangered Fruit Species Part 1
& part 2

 Endangered Fruit Species Part 2

Quote Fruit Lovers
Annona asplundiana
Annona atabapensis
Annona conica
Annona cristalensis
Annona deceptrix
Annona deminuta
Annona dolichophylla
Annona ecuadorensis
Annona ekmanii
Annona hystricoides
Annona manabiensis
Annona oligocarpa
Annona praetermissa
Annona spragueiCampomanesia aromatica
Artocarpus blancoi
Artocarpus hypargyreus
Artocarpus nobilis
Artocarpus rubrovenus
Artocarpus treculianus
Baccaurea glabrifolia
Baccaurea odoratissima
Bactris coloniata
Bactris jamaicana
Bactris longiseta
Bactris nancibensis
Bactris pickelii
Bactris setiflora
Bunchosia cauliflora
Bunchosia jamaicensis
Bunchosia linearifolia
Campomanesia espiritosantensis
Campomanesia hirsuta
Campomanesia laurifolia
Campomanesia neriiflora
Campomanesia phaea
Campomanesia viatoris
Canarium fusco-calycinum
Canarium kipella
Canarium luzonicum
Canarium ovatum
Canarium paniculatum
Canarium perlisanum
Canarium pseudodecumanum
Canarium pseudopatentinervium
Canarium pseudopimela
Canarium sarawakanum
Canarium whitei
Canarium zeylanicum
Candle Tree (Parmentiera cereifera)
Candle Tree (Parmentiera dressleri)
Candle Tree (Parmentiera morii)
Candle Tree (Parmentiera stenocarpa)
Carica horovitziana
Carica jamaicensis
Carica omnilingua
Carica palandensis
Carica pulchra
Carica sprucei
Chilean Wine Palm
Chrysophyllum acreanum
Chrysophyllum albipilum
Chrysophyllum azaguieanum
Chrysophyllum claraense
Chrysophyllum durifructum
Chrysophyllum euryphyllum
Chrysophyllum imperiale
Chrysophyllum lanatum
Chrysophyllum paranaense
Chrysophyllum pauciflorum
Chrysophyllum revolutum
Chrysophyllum splendens
Chrysophyllum subspinosum
Chrysophyllum superbum
Cinnamomum balansae
Cinnamomum brevipedunculatum
Cinnamomum capparu-coronde
Cinnamomum chemungianum
Cinnamomum citriodorum
Cinnamomum filipedicellatum
Cinnamomum kanahirae
Cinnamomum kotoense
Cinnamomum litseifolium
Cinnamomum macrostemon
Cinnamomum mairei
Cinnamomum mathewsii
Cinnamomum mercadoi
Cinnamomum osmophloeum
Cinnamomum parviflorum
Cinnamomum perrottetii
Cinnamomum reticulatum
Cinnamomum riparium
Cinnamomum rivulorum
Cinnamomum walaiwarense
Citrus taiwanica
Clausena calciphila
Clavija jelskii
Clavija parvula
Clavija pungens
Clavija repanda
Clavija subandina
Coccoloba cholutecensis
Coccoloba coriacea
Coccoloba lindaviana
Coccoloba matudae
Coccoloba proctorii
Coccoloba retirensis
Coccoloba rugosa
Coccoloba tiliacea
Coccoloba troyana
Coffea bakossii
Coffea costatifructa
Coffea fadenii
Coffea macrocarpa
Coffea mongensis
Coffea myrtifolia
Coffea pocsii
Coffea pseudozanguebariae
Coffea togoensis
Coffea zanguebariae
Couepia joaquinae
Couepia recurva
Couepia schottii
Couepia scottmorii
Cuban Mangosteen
Cynometra bourdillonii
Cynometra brachyrrhachis
Cynometra cubensis
Cynometra engleri
Cynometra falcata
Cynometra filifera
Cynometra gillmanii
Cynometra inaequifolia
Cynometra longipedicellata
Cynometra lukei
Cynometra suaheliensis
Cynometra travancorica
Cynometra ulugurensis
Cynometra webberi
Dillenia ferruginea
Dillenia fischeri
Dillenia luzoniensis
Dillenia megalantha
Dillenia philippinensis
Dillenia reifferscheidtia
Dillenia triquetra
Diospyros albiflora
Diospyros amaniensis
Diospyros angulata
Diospyros atrata
Diospyros attenuata
Diospyros barberi
Diospyros barteri
Diospyros benstonei
Diospyros blancoi
Diospyros blumutensis
Diospyros boutoniana
Diospyros celebica
Diospyros chaetocarpa
Diospyros chrysophyllos
Diospyros conformis
Diospyros crassiflora
Diospyros crumenata
Diospyros daemona
Diospyros ebenoides
Diospyros egrettarum
Diospyros esmereg
Diospyros fastidiosa
Diospyros feliciana
Diospyros gambleana
Diospyros gillisonii
Diospyros greenwayi
Diospyros hemiteles
Diospyros hirsuta
Diospyros impolita
Diospyros insidiosa
Diospyros insularis
Diospyros katendei
Diospyros kingii
Diospyros kotoensis
Diospyros kupensis
Diospyros leucomelas
Diospyros littorea
Diospyros lolinopsis
Diospyros magogoana
Diospyros margaretae
Diospyros melanida
Diospyros minimifolia
Diospyros molissima
Diospyros moonii
Diospyros mun
Diospyros nebulosa
Diospyros neraudii
Diospyros nodosa
Diospyros nummulariifolia
Diospyros oblongifolia
Diospyros oppositifolia
Diospyros perplexa
Diospyros philippinensis
Diospyros pterocalyx
Diospyros pulgarensis
Diospyros pustulata
Diospyros quaesita
Diospyros revaughanii
Diospyros rheophytica
Diospyros riojae
Diospyros selangorensis
Diospyros seychellarum
Diospyros shimbaensis
Diospyros tero
Diospyros tessellaria
Diospyros thwaitesii
Diospyros trichophylla
Diospyros trisulca
Diospyros vaccinioides
Diospyros veillonii
Diospyros walkeri
Diospyros xolocotzii
Duguetia barteri
Duguetia peruviana
Duguetia schulzii
Durian Marangang
Durian Munjit
Durian Pulu
Durian Tuang
Durio acutifolius
Durio pinangianus
Elaeocarpus acmosepalus
Elaeocarpus apiculatus
Elaeocarpus blascoi
Elaeocarpus bojeri
Elaeocarpus brigittae
Elaeocarpus ceylanicus
Elaeocarpus colnettianus
Elaeocarpus coriaceus
Elaeocarpus dinagatensis
Elaeocarpus eriobotryoides
Elaeocarpus fraseri
Elaeocarpus gaussenii
Elaeocarpus gigantifolius
Elaeocarpus glandulifer
Elaeocarpus inopinatus
Elaeocarpus integrifolius
Elaeocarpus miriensis
Elaeocarpus moratii
Elaeocarpus prunifolius
Elaeocarpus recurvatus
Elaeocarpus royenii
Elaeocarpus rugosus
Elaeocarpus simaluensis
Elaeocarpus subvillosus
Elaeocarpus venustus
Eugenia abbreviata
Eugenia aboukirensis
Eugenia aceitillo
Eugenia acunai
Eugenia acutisepala
Eugenia acutissima
Eugenia albida
Eugenia amoena
Eugenia arianae
Eugenia bayatensis
Eugenia benjamina
Eugenia bojeri
Eugenia brachythrix
Eugenia brownei
Eugenia burkilliana
Eugenia calcadensis
Eugenia camptophylla
Eugenia caudata
Eugenia colipensis
Eugenia conglomerata
Eugenia cordifoliolata
Eugenia coyolensis
Eugenia crassicaulis
Eugenia crassipetala
Eugenia crenata
Eugenia cyrtophylloides
Eugenia daenikeri
Eugenia discifera
Eugenia discors
Eugenia eperforata
Eugenia ericoides
Eugenia excisa
Eugenia fernandopoana
Eugenia floccosa
Eugenia fulva
Eugenia gageana
Eugenia gatopensis
Eugenia gilgii
Eugenia glabra
Eugenia goniocalyx
Eugenia guayaquilensis
Eugenia haematocarpa
Eugenia haniffii
Eugenia hanoverensis
Eugenia hastilis
Eugenia heterochroa
Eugenia hexovulata
Eugenia hypoleuca
Eugenia indica
Eugenia insignis
Eugenia johorensis
Eugenia kaalensis
Eugenia kameruniana
Eugenia kellyana
Eugenia klossii
Eugenia koolauensis
Eugenia lamprophylla
Eugenia lancetillae
Eugenia laurae
Eugenia longicuspis
Eugenia mackeeana
Eugenia mexicana
Eugenia micranthoides
Eugenia microcarpa
Eugenia mozomboensis
Eugenia ngadimaniana
Eugenia nicholsii
Eugenia noumeensis
Eugenia pallidula
Eugenia plumbea
Eugenia polypora
Eugenia porphyrantha
Eugenia prasina
Eugenia pseudoclaviflora
Eugenia pustulescens
Eugenia pycnoneura
Eugenia quadrata
Eugenia rendlei
Eugenia rheophytica
Eugenia rhomboidea
Eugenia rivulorum
Eugenia rottleriana
Eugenia rotundata
Eugenia rufo-fulva
Eugenia sachetae
Eugenia salamensis
Eugenia scalarinervis
Eugenia schulziana
Eugenia schunkei
Eugenia setosa
Eugenia singampattiana
Eugenia sripadaense
Eugenia sulcivenia
Eugenia swettenhamiana
Eugenia tabouensis
Eugenia taipingensis
Eugenia terpnophylla
Eugenia tiumanensis
Eugenia umtamvunensis
Eugenia uxpanapensis
Eugenia valvata
Eugenia vaughanii
Eugenia virotii
Eugenia woodburyana
Fig Tree (Ficus aguaraguensis)
Fig Tree (Ficus andamanica)
Fig Tree (Ficus angladei)
Fig Tree (Ficus aripuanensis)
Fig Tree (Ficus bizanae)
Fig Tree (Ficus blepharophylla)
Fig Tree (Ficus bojeri)
Fig Tree (Ficus calyptroceras)
Fig Tree (Ficus cyclophylla)
Fig Tree (Ficus faulkneriana)
Fig Tree (Ficus lacunata)
Fig Tree (Ficus lapathifolia)
Fig Tree (Ficus lateriflora)
Fig Tree (Ficus meizonochlamys)
Fig Tree (Ficus mexiae)
Fig Tree (Ficus muelleriana)
Fig Tree (Ficus mutabilis)
Fig Tree (Ficus pakkensis)
Fig Tree (Ficus pulchella)
Fig Tree (Ficus ramiflora)
Fig Tree (Ficus roraimensis)
Fig Tree (Ficus salzmanniana)
Fig Tree (Ficus ulmifolia)
Fig Tree (Ficus ursina)
Garcinia acutifolia
Garcinia afzelii
Garcinia bifasciculata
Garcinia brevipedicellata
Garcinia cadelliana
Garcinia clusiaefolia
Garcinia costata
Garcinia decussata
Garcinia epunctata
Garcinia holttumii
Garcinia imberti
Garcinia kingii
Garcinia kola
Garcinia linii
Garcinia montana
Garcinia paucinervis
Garcinia quaesita
Garcinia rubro-echinata
Garcinia semseii
Garcinia staudtii
Garcinia thwaitesii
Garcinia travancorica
Garcinia wightii
Garcinia zeylanica
Glycosmis crassifolia
Glycosmis longisepala
Glycosmis monticola
Glycosmis perakensis
Glycosmis tomentella
Grewia aldabrensis
Grewia bilocularis
Grewia milleri
Grewia salicifolia
Grewia turbinata
Grias colombiana
Grias haughtii
Grias longirachis
Grias multinervia
Gustavia acuminata
Gustavia dodsonii
Gustavia erythrocarpa
Gustavia excelsa
Gustavia foliosa
Gustavia fosteri
Gustavia gracillima
Gustavia latifolia
Gustavia longepetiolata
Gustavia longifuniculata
Gustavia monocaulis
Gustavia petiolata
Gustavia pubescens
Gustavia santanderiensis
Gustavia serrata
Gustavia sessilis
Gustavia verticillata
Guthrie's Ground-plum
Guzmania aequatorialis
Guzmania albescens
Guzmania alborosea
Guzmania alcantareoides
Guzmania andreettae
Guzmania atrocastanea
Guzmania bergii
Guzmania condorensis
Guzmania corniculata
Guzmania dalstroemii
Guzmania ecuadorensis
Guzmania foetida
Guzmania fosteriana
Guzmania fuerstenbergiana
Guzmania fuquae
Guzmania fusispica
Guzmania harlingii
Guzmania henniae
Guzmania hirtzii
Guzmania hollinensis
Guzmania inexpectata
Guzmania izkoi
Guzmania kentii
Guzmania lepidota
Guzmania madisonii
Guzmania osyana
Guzmania poortmanii
Guzmania pseudospectabilis
Guzmania puyoensis
Guzmania roseiflora
Guzmania rubrolutea
Guzmania septata
Guzmania sieffiana
Guzmania striata
Guzmania teuscheri
Guzmania xanthobractea
Guzmania zakii

Quote Fruit Lovers
Inga allenii
Inga amboroensis
Inga andersonii
Inga approximata
Inga aptera
Inga arenicola
Inga augusti
Inga balsapambensis
Inga bella
Inga bicoloriflora
Inga bijuga
Inga blanchetiana
Inga bollandii
Inga bracteifera
Inga bullata
Inga bullatorugosa
Inga cabelo
Inga calantha
Inga calanthoides
Inga calcicola
Inga canonegrensis
Inga carinata
Inga caudata
Inga chiapensis
Inga coragypsea
Inga cuspidata
Inga cynometrifolia
Inga dominicensis
Inga dwyeri
Inga enterolobioides
Inga exfoliata
Inga exilis
Inga extra-nodis
Inga fosteriana
Inga gereauana
Inga golfodulcensis
Inga grazielae
Inga herrerae
Inga hispida
Inga interfluminensis
Inga ismaelis
Inga jaunechensis
Inga jimenezii
Inga lacustris
Inga lanceifolia
Inga latipes
Inga lenticellata
Inga lentiscifolia
Inga leptantha
Inga leptingoides
Inga litoralis
Inga macarenensis
Inga macrantha
Inga maritima
Inga martinicensis
Inga mendoncaei
Inga microcalyx
Inga mortoniana
Inga mucuna
Inga multicaulis
Inga neblinensis
Inga pallida
Inga pauciflora
Inga pedunculata
Inga platyptera
Inga pleiogyna
Inga pluricarpellata
Inga portobellensis
Inga praegnans
Inga saffordiana
Inga salicifoliola
Inga saltensis
Inga santaremnensis
Inga sarayacuensis
Inga sellowiana
Inga silanchensis
Inga sinacae
Inga skutchii
Inga spiralis
Inga stenophylla
Inga suberosa
Inga suborbicularis
Inga tenuicalyx
Inga tenuiloba
Inga unica
Inga xinguensis
Inga yasuniana
Kola Nut (Cola attiensis)
Kola Nut (Cola boxiana)
Kola Nut (Cola bracteata)
Kola Nut (Cola cecidiifolia)
Kola Nut (Cola duparquetiana)
Kola Nut (Cola gigas)
Kola Nut (Cola glabra)
Kola Nut (Cola hypochrysea)
Kola Nut (Cola letestui)
Kola Nut (Cola lourougnonis)
Kola Nut (Cola lukei)
Kola Nut (Cola metallica)
Kola Nut (Cola mossambicensis)
Kola Nut (Cola nigerica)
Kola Nut (Cola octoloboides)
Kola Nut (Cola philipi-jonesii)
Kola Nut (Cola porphyrantha)
Kola Nut (Cola praeacuta)
Kola Nut (Cola reticulata)
Kola Nut (Cola scheffleri)
Kola Nut (Cola suboppositifolia)
Kola Nut (Cola umbratilis)
Lecythis barnebyi
Lecythis brancoensis
Lecythis parvifructa
Lecythis prancei
Lecythis schomburgkii
Lecythis schwackei
Licania chiriquiensis
Licania conferruminata
Licania fasciculata
Licania grandibracteata
Licania hedbergii
Licania longicuspidata
Licania megalophylla
Licania salicifolia
Licania vasquezii
Licania velutina
Litsea beddomei
Litsea claviflora
Litsea dilleniifolia
Litsea gardneri
Litsea glaberrima
Litsea gracilis
Litsea imbricata
Litsea iteodaphne
Litsea leiantha
Litsea leytensis
Litsea ligustrina
Litsea longifolia
Litsea nemoralis
Litsea nigrescens
Litsea scortechinii
Litsea travancorica
Mammea timorensis
Mammea usambarensis
Mammea veimauriensis
Mangifera altissima
Mangifera andamanica
Mangifera austro-indica
Mangifera blommesteinii
Mangifera campnospermoides
Mangifera casturi
Mangifera dewildei
Mangifera dongnaiensis
Mangifera flava
Mangifera macrocarpa
Mangifera minutifolia
Mangifera monandra
Mangifera nicobarica
Mangifera orophila
Mangifera pajang
Mangifera paludosa
Mangifera pedicellata
Mangifera pentandra
Mangifera rubropetala
Mangifera rufocostata
Mangifera similis
Mangifera sumbawaensis
Mangifera superba
Mangifera transversalis
Mangifera zeylanica
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara bella)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara bolivarensis)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara cavalcantei)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara dardanoi)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara decrescens)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara elata)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara excelsa)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara excisa)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara gonavensis)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara kanosiensis)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara longifolia)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara maxima)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara mayarensis)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara multifida)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara nicholsonii)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara pleeana)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara pubicarpa)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara spectabilis)
Manilkara Tree (Manilkara valenzuelana)
Matisia alata
Matisia coloradorum
Matisia exalata
Matisia grandifolia
Matisia palenquiana
Matisia stenopetala
Mimusops acutifolia
Mimusops penduliflora
Mimusops riparia
Mimusops sechellarum
Mouriri completens
Mouriri laxiflora
Mouriri panamensis
Myrcia albobrunnea
Myrcia almasensis
Myrcia calcicola
Myrcia crassimarginata
Myrcia fasciata
Myrcia fosteri
Myrcia grandiflora
Myrcia lineata
Myrcia paganii
Myrcia pentagona
Myrcianthes callicoma
Myrcianthes irregularis
Myrcianthes oreophila
Myrcianthes pungens
Myrciaria cuspidata
Myrciaria pliniodes
Myrciaria silveirana
Nauclea diderrichii
Nauclea gageana
Nephelium costatum
Nephelium hamulatum
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica alba)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica ampliata)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica andamanica)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica arfakensis)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica atresens)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica basilanica)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica brachypoda)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica brevistipes)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica buchneriana)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica byssacea)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica ceylanica)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica coacta)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica colinridsdalei)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica corticata)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica dasycarpa)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica devogelii)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica extensa)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica fasciculata)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica fissurata)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica flavovirens)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica frugifera)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica inaequalis)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica incredibilis)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica inundata)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica kjellbergii)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica lasiocarpa)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica leptophylla)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica longipetiolata)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica magnifica)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica malabarica)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica mediterranea)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica millepunctata)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica nana)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica olivacea)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica ornata)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica ovicarpa)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica pachycarpidia)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica papillatifolia)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica perlaevis)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica petiolata)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica philippensis)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica pilosella)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica pilosigemma)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica polyantha)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica psilocarpa)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica pubicarpa)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica pygmaea)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica robusta)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica sarcantha)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica schlechteri)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica simulans)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica sinclairii)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica sogeriensis)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica tamrauensis)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica teijsmannii)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica trianthera)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica ultrabasica)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica verruculosa)
Nutmeg Tree (Myristica yunnanensis)
Pandanus aldabraensis
Pandanus balfourii
Pandanus carmichaelii
Pandanus decastigma
Pandanus decipiens
Pandanus decumbens
Pandanus gabonensis
Pandanus halleorum
Pandanus hornei
Pandanus joskei
Pandanus kajui
Pandanus lacuum
Pandanus microcarpus
Pandanus multispicatus
Pandanus palustris
Pandanus petersii
Pandanus pyramidalis
Pandanus sechellarum
Pandanus taveuniensis
Pandanus thomensis
Pandanus verecundus
Parkia korom
Parkia parrii
Parkia parvifoliola
Passion Flower (Passiflora ampullacea)
Passion Flower (Passiflora andina)
Passion Flower (Passiflora anfracta)
Passion Flower (Passiflora brachyantha)
Passion Flower (Passiflora deltoifolia)
Passion Flower (Passiflora discophora)
Passion Flower (Passiflora eggersii)
Passion Flower (Passiflora harlingii)
Passion Flower (Passiflora hirtiflora)
Passion Flower (Passiflora jamesonii)
Passion Flower (Passiflora jatunsachensis)
Passion Flower (Passiflora linda)
Passion Flower (Passiflora loxensis)
Passion Flower (Passiflora luzmarina)
Passion Flower (Passiflora montana)
Passion Flower (Passiflora reflexiflora)
Passion Flower (Passiflora roseorum)
Passion Flower (Passiflora sanctae-barbarae)
Passion Flower (Passiflora sodiroi)
Passion Flower (Passiflora subpurpurea)
Passion Flower (Passiflora trochlearis)
Passion Flower (Passiflora zamorana)
Pepper Vine (Piper achupallasense)
Pepper Vine (Piper angamarcanum)
Pepper Vine (Piper azuaiense)
Pepper Vine (Piper baezanum)
Pepper Vine (Piper baezense)
Pepper Vine (Piper begoniiforme)
Pepper Vine (Piper brachipilum)
Pepper Vine (Piper brachystylum)
Pepper Vine (Piper bullatifolium)
Pepper Vine (Piper campii)
Pepper Vine (Piper chimborazoense)
Pepper Vine (Piper clathratum)
Pepper Vine (Piper coeloneurum)
Pepper Vine (Piper cutucuense)
Pepper Vine (Piper densiciliatum)
Pepper Vine (Piper diffundum)
Pepper Vine (Piper disparipilum)
Pepper Vine (Piper dodsonii)
Pepper Vine (Piper entradense)
Pepper Vine (Piper eriocladum)
Pepper Vine (Piper eustylum)
Pepper Vine (Piper fallenii)
Pepper Vine (Piper gualeanum)
Pepper Vine (Piper guayasanum)
Pepper Vine (Piper huigranum)
Pepper Vine (Piper hydrolapathum)
Pepper Vine (Piper hylebates)
Pepper Vine (Piper hylophilum)
Pepper Vine (Piper lineatipilosum)
Pepper Vine (Piper longicaudatum)
Pepper Vine (Piper manabinum)
Pepper Vine (Piper mendezense)
Pepper Vine (Piper mexiae)
Pepper Vine (Piper molliusculum)
Pepper Vine (Piper nanegalense)
Pepper Vine (Piper napo-pastazanum)
Pepper Vine (Piper nebuligaudens)
Pepper Vine (Piper perstrigosum)
Pepper Vine (Piper platylobum)
Pepper Vine (Piper poscitum)
Pepper Vine (Piper prietoi)
Pepper Vine (Piper productispicum)
Pepper Vine (Piper puyoense)
Pepper Vine (Piper regale)
Pepper Vine (Piper saloyanum)
Pepper Vine (Piper schuppii)
Pepper Vine (Piper seychellarum)
Pepper Vine (Piper skutchii)
Pepper Vine (Piper sodiroi)
Pepper Vine (Piper stipulosum)
Pepper Vine (Piper subaduncum)
Pepper Vine (Piper subnitidifolium)
Pepper Vine (Piper supernum)
Pepper Vine (Piper trachyphyllum)
Pepper Vine (Piper valladolidense)
Pepper Vine (Piper wibomii)
Pepper Vine (Piper zarumanum)
Persea brenesii
Persea bullata
Persea campii
Persea conferta
Persea floccosa
Persea glabra
Persea julianae
Persea liebmanni
Persea nudigemma
Persea obtusifolia
Persea philippinensis
Persea ruizii
Persea schiedeana
Pithecellobium gracile
Pithecellobium grisebachianum
Pithecellobium johansenii
Pithecellobium pithecolobioides
Pithecellobium savannarum
Pithecellobium saxosum
Pithecellobium stevensonii
Plinia rupestris
Pourouma oraria
Pourouma petiolulata
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria amapaensis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria amygdalina)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria andarahiensis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria arcuata)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria areolatifolia)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria arguacoensium)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria aristata)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria austin-smithii)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria bapeba)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria belizensis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria benai)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria bonneriana)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria bracteata)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria brevensis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria brevipedicellata)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria brevipetiolata)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria briocheoides)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria bullata)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria butyrocarpa)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria calistophylla)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria capacifolia)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria chiricana)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria cinnamomea)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria coelomatica)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria collina)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria congestifolia)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria contermina)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria crassiflora)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria cubensis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria danikeri)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria decussata)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria espinae)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria euryphylla)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria exstaminodia)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria filiformis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria fossicola)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria foveolata)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria fulva)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria furcata)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria gigantea)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria glauca)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria gracilis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria hotteana)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria juruana)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria kaalaensis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria kaieteurensis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria krukovii)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria latianthera)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria leptopedicellata)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria longifolia)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria lucens)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria macahensis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria macrocarpa)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria micrantha)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria microstrigosa)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria minima)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria moaensis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria nemorosa)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria nudipetala)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria oppositifolia)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria oxypetala)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria pachycalyx)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria pachyphylla)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria pallens)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria pallida)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria penicillata)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria peruviensis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria petiolata)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria pinifolia)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria pisquiensis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria polysepala)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria psammophila)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria pseudoracemosa)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria puberula)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria pubescens)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria putamen-ovi)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria rhynchocarpa)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria rufotomentosa)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria semecarpifolia)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria sessilis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria silvestris)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria sipapoensis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria squamosa)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria subsessilifolia)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria tarumanensis)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria triplarifolia)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria vernicosa)
Pouteria Tree (Pouteria villamilii)
Prickly Pear (Opuntia chaffeyi)
Prickly Pear (Opuntia echios)
Prickly Pear (Opuntia galapageia)
Prickly Pear (Opuntia helleri)
Prickly Pear (Opuntia insularis)
Prickly Pear (Opuntia megarrhiza)
Prickly Pear (Opuntia megasperma)
Prickly Pear (Opuntia pachyrrhiza)
Prickly Pear (Opuntia saxicola)
Prickly Pear (Opuntia treleasei)
Prunus adenopoda
Prunus africana
Prunus carolinae
Prunus ceylanica
Prunus ernestii
Prunus geniculata
Prunus laxinervis
Prunus mirabilis
Prunus pulgarensis
Prunus ramburii
Prunus rubiginosa
Prunus subglabra
Prunus tadzhikistanica
Prunus taiwaniana
Prunus turfosa
Prunus villegasiana
Prunus walkeri
Psidium havanense
Psidium pedicellatum
Psidium rostratum
Psidium sintenisii
Quararibea aurantiocalyx
Quararibea dolichopoda
Quararibea dolichosiphon
Quararibea gomeziana
Quararibea jefensis
Quararibea pendula
Quararibea platyphylla
Quararibea pterocalyx
Quararibea sanblasensis
Quararibea santaritensis
Quararibea velutina
Quararibea yunckeri
Rollinia bahiensis
Rollinia boliviana
Rollinia calcarata
Rollinia chrysocarpa
Rollinia dolichopetala
Rollinia ecuadorensis
Rollinia ferruginea
Rollinia helosioides
Rollinia hispida
Rollinia occidentalis
Rollinia pachyantha
Rollinia pickelii
Solanum albornozii
Solanum asteropilodes
Solanum bellum
Solanum carchiense
Solanum chilliasense
Solanum chimborazense
Solanum dolichorhachis
Solanum drymophilum
Solanum exiguum
Solanum fortunense
Solanum hypermegethes
Solanum hypocalycosarcum
Solanum imbaburense
Solanum incompletum
Solanum interandinum
Solanum lanuginosum
Solanum leiophyllum
Solanum ovum-fringillae
Solanum paralum
Solanum regularifolium
Solanum roseum
Solanum sandwicense
Solanum semicoalitum
Solanum sibundoyense
Solanum sycocarpum
Souari Tree (Caryocar amygdaliforme)
Souari Tree (Caryocar coriaceum)
Souari Tree (Caryocar costaricense)
Sterculia schliebenii
Synsepalum aubrevillei
Synsepalum brenanii
Synsepalum glycydora
Synsepalum kassneri
Synsepalum subverticillatum
Synsepalum tsounkpe
Vaccinium bissei
Vaccinium whitmorei
Vangueria bicolor
Vitex acunae
Vitex ajugaeflora
Vitex amaniensis
Vitex cooperi
Vitex evoluta
Vitex gaumeri
Vitex keniensis
Vitex kuylenii
Vitex lehmbachii
Vitex parviflora
Vitex urceolata
Vitex yaundensis
Vitex zanzibarensis
Xylopia africana
Xylopia amplexicaulis
Xylopia ekmanii
Xylopia elliotii
Xylopia lamarckii
Xylopia latipetala
Xylopia longifolia
Xylopia pierrei
Xylopia richardii
Xylopia talbotii

Had to do this in 2 parts because of limitation of posting to 20,000 characters.
List of plants i took from this site that lists all endangered plants:

I am interested in this
I read it is used for Asian herbal tea's (medicine) more into trying the flavor.

I saw this saved  in my notes thought I'd post it.
(sort of a link from a  Blog saved in my notes)
(International Fruit & Nut Enthusiasts & Breeders)

In 1898, the U.S. Department of Agriculture created a special department of men called Agriculture Explorers to travel the globe searching for new food crops to bring back for farmers to grow in the U.S.

"These agricultural explorers were kind of like the Indiana Joneses of the plant world," says Sarah Seekatz, a California historian who grew up in the Coachella Valley, the date capital of the U.S.

These men introduced the country to exotic specimens like the mango, the avocado and new varieties of sweet, juicy oranges. But of all the exotic fruits brought, the story of the biblical date — and its marketing, cultivation and pollination — remains one of the most romantic of all.

David Fairchild, a botantist who helped found the Agricultural Explorer program, was one of the first to travel to Baghdad to investigate dates.

"He chose Baghdad," says Seekatz, "in part, because he remembered One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, and ... stories of Aladdin, Sinbad the Sailor and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. The book was a well-known childhood tradition for generations of Americans."

Temperate Fruit Discussion / tests of uncommon fruit in Wisconsin
« on: June 07, 2021, 07:28:13 PM »
I have always enjoyed reading these
what are your thoughts

Hi anything worth checking out ANY FRUITS in season ? (will be there anyways__)

Any other places  in homestead or Miami to see

I also enjoy tree's with other uses like tea's do they sell anything like that
I know your suppose to pick the fruit if fallen so I doubt if a tree has a use for tea of the leaves you couldn't pick that.

Is it big enough to not see all the tree's in one day I may go twice what's your opinion

I may  take photos but my camera I brought wit me  is not the best.

I could call but do you think I could leave my bag at the gate it is heavy , and I not sure if I want the same motel or stay extra in homestead.
I will call but anyone done that before?

yes taken straight out of a Script of Planet of the Apes
 Are we doomed to go back to our primitive ways?

Pictures are worth a 1000 words

A study of primate Self-medication

What is your thoughts Opinions

"UF/IFAS’s breeding program
 founded in the 1940s with the goal of developing varieties that could produce fruit in warmer environments. Most blueberry bushes thrive in northern climates with chilly winters, so creating new Florida-friendly, low-chill varieties requires crossing them with native Southern relatives of the bush"

“For some reason, one of these plants was making skatole, the molecule that gives poop its distinctive aroma, and putrescine,” she says, “which is a big part of what makes the characteristic petrifying flesh smell.”

I looked Skatole up, and in small amounts I suppose Some things have it that smell nice like Jasmine.

In may I bought 40 pounds to make  candied ginger in may
It was from China shipped to a Mexican grocery  store was cheaper in bulk after I asked

I never noticed any tinge of red , and cannot find anything online IS this normal to have a like dye on roots?
IS this something they spray to prevent it from sprouting while shipping

actually eating some now, and wanted to ask this for some time
should I just buy organic or is this Normal in the genetics or a safe chemical they spray on it to prevent ethylene build up or something.

I have the shipping box if that matters .

 -- I know I know A closet , but My friend I have been traveling with He is into plants a lot
I think buying some citrus or something He could put in his living room could be good
Could be by the windows, but I am looking for idea's when at night what could block the grow lights .

Could it be like a book shelf with a blanket over it ..

I am hoping some could show inspiration, and maybe I could ask, to see what he says
I feel bad but I think I need time in my life to myself
so I would like to do something he normally would not do on his own,
 and have it look nice (I know he doesn't mind anyways hahaha

Temperate Fruit Discussion / Anyone seen the Persimmon Pudding web site
« on: November 01, 2020, 11:18:47 AM »
A Interesting Cake could be made if your not a fan of persimmons that are mushy
I am sure you could even buy a boxed cake, and add them to it

I have not made the cake, but used them In a smoothie, tasted like Sherbert ice cream
and vinified  a wine from them, and aged the wine as well (own recipe)
I actually liked the wine I made with the spend left over fruit surprisingly

It was not much but even though it lacked flavor I liked the subtle flavor in that wine. 

I am not a huge fan of super sweet food,  but the vitamin A in this fruit makes you feel full,
and sometimes I crave it , I like how in a smoothie it cuts down the sweetness as well

Searching online , and hitting cach works as well
(weird I know, but I am reserving the second post for later want to explain using  this site better)
with some tricks I learned

Just type in the broken link

ib ib lio -- is also a collection of web sites as well.
Home to one of the largest “collections of collections” on the Internet,

Recipes / recipe books of Texas (Austin Chronicle ) , and links to buy
« on: October 09, 2020, 06:36:29 AM »
Found this Reading the other day searching the Austin Chronicle for persimmon (chapote)

The Texas Provincial Kitchen

Mesquite Country Tastes & Traditions From The Top Of Texas
$20 ($22 shipping)

Boardin' in the Thicket: Reminiscences and Recipes of Early Big Thicket Boarding Houses Paperback
Illustrated, May 1, 1998

Hi Was searching for A tropical grape family for someone, In the Pillipines, ( Ampelocissus (vitaceae family)
and found this today

I searched the latin name Vitis (quick search)
(Advanced search)

the grapes of New York
 the cultivation of Native Grape, and the manufacture of American Wines
The raisin Industry
II Vino undici conferenze fatte nell'inverno dell'anno 1880 (Italian) 
American Grape training
 (etc.) 2 others

I did find this recently looking at something,
and like the pictures on  The Emperor's Rout, by Unknown
 but have many other old resource books wrote as well
(like people that studied persimmons genectics from 100 years ago , but another site)

This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with
almost no restrictions whatsoever.  You may copy it, give it away or
re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included
with this eBook or online at broke link

LEt me know if you use it, and find what types of words are good to search
nothing came up for annonaceae ,
or the grape family vitaceae

What books or web sites could one read to learn about how to spot recessive genes in new hybrids
 genes in general back crossing .

I understand some of it, but it isn't From learning A guide A to Z that is what I am looking for
Sick of getting bits, and pieces here, and there.
IS there any good books I prefer books ?
as the PC is not easy on the eyes, but will gladly take web sites as well,
(and others would be interested as well down the line)

I mostly come here to read about the hybrids
seems like this board knows most about genetics
which most interest me here (recessive genes back crossing etc.)
may start to grow some just to learn
(I have grown flying dragon Pocirus trifoliate, and grocery store stuff for fun nothing special.)

I killed a lot of seeds as well by purpose when didn't want to deal with them
interesting seeing how long a bunch of lemon seeds can go without water
(or interesting seeing a Mistake (neglect vacation), and how some survive others stick in there in same pot.)

would like to learn the best organized way to take notes on that stuff as well
I should remind you this information might be used for other types of plants
(not nucellar seeds citrus etc., but am welcome to that as well as love all plants just do no have room for breeding citrus inside. )

Tropical Fruit Discussion / some Florida native pawpaw pictures (not mine)
« on: September 17, 2020, 07:29:01 AM »
Saw these today on this site thought it was a good selection of pictures to share.

I naturalist . org

These are good as well
 (as seen in the temperate discussion already posted Asiminaholics )

Encyclopedia of Life


first I have to ask I was told in order graft a wild pawpaw type
I have to find a good one fruiting put a  tag it,
and come back in spring when the sap isn't flowing to graft the new type?

IS that true ?
could I just clip the tree branch, now let it go dormant in the fridge, and graft in spring?

Seems like there have to be other techniques .
(I root cloned baby seedlings by breaking roots in half in humid zip lock bags)

Now for the below link If I can get a bud, and put it in some of that medium ,
and wait till after winter when the sap flows to graft (chip bud grafting or whatever with my alive bud)
that tissue culture seems complicated below , but walking all day carrying a heavy bag
 is not easy either just to have to go back, in the spring time , and get a dormant cutting...

I hope someone can explain the process easier
or know of a lab that can prepare it.


North American pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal] is a temperate climate member of the Annonaceae used as an ornamental and specialty tree fruit crop. Micropropagation could provide a clonal propagation method for plant production and contribute to germplasm preservation. A pawpaw culture was established that has produced shoot-bud clusters for over six years when maintained on a plant growth regulator (PGR) medium with BA (8.9 µM) + NAA (2.3 µM). Shoots on PGR medium failed to elongate beyond 2 cm compared to approximately 12% for shoots on PGR-free medium. Single shoot-buds subcultured three times to PGR-free medium continued to initiate between 5 to 7 shoot-buds per culture and shoot elongation remained at approximately 16%. This suggests that these pawpaw cultures had become habituated to autonomously produce shoots without cytokinin and auxin induction

I see Turkey stand preserve is just 12 miles south, but anyone know of any fruit tree's there
Is it worth a visit to go out of my way ,

IS there any thing in Florida worth going out of my way if I was on the west coast side?

as well as fruits I like native plants , and wild forging type foods
Any botanical garden places Nurseries etc.

As I do like gutars as well as thrift stores,
 and pawn shops where I can find some old guitars too.
Things usually fall into place for me (someone said I was a Empath)

Any thing like that
with Covid I Am not sure to ask about Dive bars, or Bars with rock music.
but I wouldn't mind seeing any hole in the wall type bars to take a break in If I decide to get a hotel.
Some place I can talk with the locals , and find out where things are play pool etc. .

why Florida people do not grow Rhubarb Take Rhizomes inside in fridge?
I know of some people that have completely Empty Fridges
or could fit in the Veggy Crisper

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Hoping for Companies that sell wild foods.
« on: August 23, 2020, 09:10:49 AM »
Anyone know of any companies that sell stuff like this.
I like Ginger , and there is thousands of species
would be nice to have some samplings before I try to grow them out.

Same with things that can be kept small, and made into tea's
Just recent in winter Really got into Mexican Hawthorn ( Tejocotes)
Sugar brings out the taste (has a Vanilla taste to it).

Would love to try some of the wild forged stuff in Florida In the rose/apple family , and would pay
like Fire thorn  (Pyracantha ) In Southern USA .

I make wine so It would be nice to get some Annona Glabra to experiment (pond apple)
Some of the bad flavors turn out good after the molecules bind over time .

I am posting because I have a need , and I am sure some people may want to make money as well.
If I can find a plant that doesn't get to big, and make tea or even move it to
New orleans Where I can pick it when I visit I will be great full
 (I didn't learn any plants down that way except cats claw..)

I've been thinking that'd be nice to use some facial recognition to find wild type paw paws
Here I found it by accident . (not going to listen to the ted talk  , maybe I can get it converted to text.)

Copied from here

An airborne observatory which is revolutionising forest ecology has recently flown over some of the reserves protected by World Land Trust and local partner Fundación EcoMinga, and has the potential for helping conservationists discover new tree species.

The two-engine 20 passenger plane takes seconds to assess forests to a level of detail that would take researchers  lifetimes of fieldwork to collect. With millions of dollars of cutting-edge laser and spectrometer technology built into it, the Carnegie Aerial Observatory (CAO) can sample hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest per day. This data is cross-referenced with a digital catalogue of the chemical and optical properties of around 4,700 plant species in different conditions, which allows scientists to create a map of the forest’s condition.

The colours displayed in these maps represent several layers of information about each tree and its state of health, allowing scientists to judge the effects of events such as drought or disease as well as spot otherwise unnoticeable symptoms within unstudied regions of forest. In one case, aerial data of forested area in Hawaii revealed regions where the canopy showed unusually low levels of nitrogen, and led ecologists to discover that an invasive ginger plant was competing with native trees for nitrogen.

Tropical biologist and Principal Investigator at CAO Greg Asner brought the plane to Ecuador for a ten-day study of Amazonia. One of the CAO’s research flights crossed two kilometres through the area managed by EcoMinga, which will provide a wide, detailed insight into the structure and diversity of the forest.

Lou Jost, Co-founder of Fundación EcoMinga, said “I am really excited about the potential for this data. It would tell us the structure and diversity of the forest, and my biggest hope is that some of our most special trees, such as Magnolias, will have distinctive spectral fingerprints, so that we can find and map them. If the Magnolia genus has a distinctive fingerprint, we might be able to identify sites with Magnolias outside the elevation ranges of the known species, so we could use this data to discover new species of Magnolia.”

To learn more about the way the CAO uses spectrometers and high-powered lasers to map nature in meticulous kaleidoscopic 3D detail, see Greg Asner’s Ted Talk here.

"These are the days of lasers in the jungle" -- Paul Simon

Hi I am wondering if anyone has any experience with shipping large amounts of plants .

I do not have much experience with this, but I did try shipping a large item(s)
USPS before They wanted so much ,
 the only company I know that does it cheap only ships in the Midwest.

I have been browsing online but I hope some people have experience here .

Also Buying a tree.

Some Nurseries do not sell online
I've had Companies do that stuff for me , USPS wanted a ton of money though to package stuff.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Buying online with temp credit card
« on: August 17, 2020, 05:18:10 PM »
IS there a way to use a certain temp credit card

Site tells me they do not use those prepaid ones
(some sites need a area code (not on the card I bought) this site didn't but still didn't work)

IS there a type I can use that will work .

I play guitar, and couldn't buy a 1000 buck one for cheap.
(and others )

(one of my Credit card that was stolen never showed in the mail yet. )

I also want to buy seeds from here

Do not know how Paypal works. Anyone.

Please you could contact me direct , or delete this thread

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Chemistry, and the story of Rubber.
« on: August 11, 2020, 10:51:16 PM »
I was reading this last year, and think it is Interesting
If you read the first section go back to the main menu , and read the second.

Here is a preview


Our expedition starts here in Mexico. We're in Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztec Empire. Someday the world will know it as Mexico City. The year is about 1500, or 7-Acatl on the Aztec calendar. We're here to watch a game called tlachtli.

Tlachtli is kind of like basketball. Games similar to basketball have been played all over Mesoamerica by peoples like the Aztec, the Maya, and the Olmec. The object of Tlachtli is to put a ball through a hoop made of stone at one end of a court. But unlike basketball, the players can't use their hands. Also unlike basketball, where the losing team gets nothing worse than trash-talk from the winners, the losers in this game of tlachtli are going to have their heads chopped off after the game. The players are prisoners of war, the enemies of the Aztecs who are hosting the game. The game is a ritual honoring Amapan and Uappatzin, the patron deities of the game of tlachtli, and honoring Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec god of war.

But we're not here because of the gory post-game celebrations. We're interested in the ball these folks are playing with. It's roughly the size of a bowling ball, and weighs about five pounds. (Getting it through the hoop without using the hands is so hard that the first team to score a goal wins.) What's special about this ball is that it is made of natural rubber.

Natural rubber is made by a number of plants which grow in warm climates. Of course, rubber balls aren't the only thing that the Aztec and other people of the Americas make from rubber. Rubber boots, raincoats of rubberized cotton cloth, and water bottles were all produced by the ingenuity of these people. Rubber was valuable enough in the world of ancient Mesoamerica that it was used to pay for goods and services in barter.

Rubber is one of the Americas' best-kept secrets. But the rest of the world will find out about rubber eventually. Back in 1492 Christopher Columbus made his first visit to the West Indies. When he came back in 1496, he visited the island of Hispaniola. There he saw people playing games with rubber balls and was amazed at how well the rubber game balls bounced.

Rubber goes on the back Burner

More newcomers will follow Columbus. As violent as the Aztecs seem to us today, what with their human sacrifice and all, they are going to meet an even more violent group of people. Following Columbus to the Americas were the Spanish conquistadors. A group of conquistadors led by Hernan Cortes will land in Mexico in 1519 and incite a revolt of the oppressed Aztec subjects destroying the Aztec Empire. The subjects would have been better off under their old masters as the Spanish kill or enslave thousands. But the people which survive the tragedy will introduced the Spanish to the many wonderful uses of rubber.

In Europe no one has ever seen anything like rubber, and people there will be full of questions about it, questions like...what is this stuff?

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