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Congratulations on expanding the range!
Brad, oops, I have a typo, it should be spelled Dolores red seedless.
From my notes here on the forum, JF says it is a seedless red guava. See below:

I've also wanted to grow pomegranates in FL, but all I've found are sad answers. I've yet to see a review that the tropical pomegranates are worth eating, and the state is too humid to grow temperate pomegranates without spraying for fungus several times a year. Even if you were willing to spray temperate poms they still might not work out for you in Wellington because they do need some chill hours (~200?).

I contacted Green Sea Farms before they shut down (they were running a huge pom variety trial for UF) to ask about what varieties resisted humidity & diseases the best, and they recommended Christina and Vories varieties. I have in my notes that UF says that Christina is popular as a home garden cultivar and is reliable in the humid south. It originates in North Florida and that it has a mild taste with pale, almost clear, arils. It did 'fair' in taste tests. Vories originates in Gainesville, FL, has a 'sweet flavor' and has a light yellow or colorless arils.

Parfianka has great fruit, but it would need to be sprayed else a fungus will rot the fruit. The disease looks a lot like blossom end rot.

Sounds like it's not worth the hassle for my parents. Ill have to send them fruits from cali then. I'll trade them for the mamey, Abiu and Ilama off the trees that I just bought them!
In case you don't find someone, Lara Farms has this in stock ( I'm not affiliated, but I've been pleased with the plants I've gotten from them.

Thanks! I do know they have it, so it is a backup plan. I've only recently learned about this variety.
It does look like bacon, but it is much smaller. Also, when it starts to get soft, it goes bad quickly if you don't eat it within a day or two. Three fruits went bad (mold) out of 11 fruits, so I just saved the seeds for planting. I forgot to mention the skin is very thin, cannot be peeled.
Looks a lot like bacon
Here's a few photos of the grafted branch.

Hello Kaz, the delores I had is not seedless.  Did frank say it was a seedless variety?
Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Looking to buy fresh ďjapanese raisin tree fruitĒ
« Last post by JoeP450 on October 05, 2022, 11:14:36 PM »
Really curious to try this, as I enjoy dried figs and dates in my morning oatmeal and on their own which I hear itís similar?

If anyone is selling please reach out.

The best guava Iíve ever eaten came off orkineís tree:

If I recall right he said itís a seedling from Mexican cream, which confuses me how the pinkish flesh, but this was a legit guava. My tasting notes were sweet flavor with some watermelon notes, hardly noticeable bitter/skin tannin.

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