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Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Lemon Zest budwood and Orange Sherbet
« on: September 20, 2021, 04:47:58 PM »
I trimmed my LZ today. It has been overcast today plus I have a tarp over them. Lots of cuttings that I can send out tomorrow. I should have enough to fill two of these boxes. Email me directly at zzendo7 ... AT DOT com

I know they will not be prepped. I charge $20 to fill a priority mail box with the scions that I put in a plastic bag with some wetted newspaper. You pay for the medium sized priority mail box which is about $17. You do the math. I think the US Post Office is now back to normal for priority mail, going by other stuff I have recently sent. Florida probably late for grafting but California, Arizona is not. So I think.

I also have an Orange Sherbet tree that I have not tip pruned all season. I can take scions off it tomorrow to send you a box that is half OS and half LZ.

For the real fanaticos that want to convert a tree to Keitt... This tree was trimmed today. The cuttings are on the ground and can be sent out tomorrow. Same price as up above.

Top two show Keitt tree and the trimmings

Tarp over the LZ trimmings

LZ trimmings

Orange sherbet tree

Anyone have sugar apples and similar fruits to sell? My friend Krishna is interested in buying.

He and wife live in Plantation  (Southern Broward County). Phone or message him at ‪(203) 654-1699.  He also bought mangoes from me this season.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / The Squirrelinator and other squirrel traps
« on: August 17, 2021, 03:12:55 AM » with 2700 reviews and 75%  -5 star rating
 Squirrels are my pests here, eating mangoes. Yesterday I saw one happily climbing up a mango tree that was done for this season. He will report back to not waste time with this tree.
Youtube has video of the squirrelinator working, trapping multiple sqirrels work at once

Did the sqirrelinator work for you? Thanks.------ What bait do you use?
Most likely I will buy directly from the sqirrelinator website.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Might work against squirrels
« on: August 12, 2021, 10:29:18 AM »
...And birds. Birds peck away at the top of the mango. I have been keeping all paltic boxes that mushrooms come in. Plastic tofu boxes to have been accumulated. You can try with tofu boxes.

Mushroom boxes....
Cut 3/8" center hole with sharp tipped knife, twisting it around. Mine is sharpe tipped serrated kitchen knife

Then make one cut towards center hole with scissors

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Guarana plants
« on: August 10, 2021, 04:36:40 AM »
I have overgrown guarana vines. A few years ago I had them properly climbing and the fruits came to maturity here in South Florida. I have photos in this forum I will retrieve.

By overgrown this means they have been rooting in too. You come to dig up. If I get lots of interest in them I might dig up and pot some too, to send out via priority mail.

Price - Not sure yet. I will be listing this at Craigs List in a week

I see one guarana plant listing at ebay and one at Etsy...Craig's list for South Florida I see two maybes

A shameless plug for this  store, been open only a few months
I was in there yesterday and bought good sized backyard avocados at $1 each
Limes- bought at 10 for $1
Longans from local backyard at $2.99/lb and fresh! I was very impressed to see longans.
Bought some vegetables

Mi Campo Farmerís Market 7644 N Nob Hill Rd Tamarac, FL  --- You can see what prices are here at their weekly flyer. They are low low low! for produce which is most of what they sell. But they have frozen foods and lots of other typical grocery store items. I even saw frozen artichoke hearts.

I have some Keitt fruits hanging that have reddish shoulders. A few have reddish blotches on their faces. They are still rock hard. If taken off the tree will they ripen in a room that is not air conditioned? Get ripe in 3-4 days? Are you eating your Keitts yet? All mangos seem early this year in SE Florida. Thanks for any input!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / The mango eating elite came by today
« on: July 12, 2021, 02:16:10 PM »
Today was buckets of rain
But they still came
They rolled up

Sami came from afar
Driving a spiffy English car
Sami in his Range Rover
Said move over rover
Let Sami take over
He went straight to my trees
He picked what he pleased

Gilberto in this year's Lexus SUV
He picked what he needed

Thanks to both!
I was building up a mango excess
Putting me into
Slight distress

Any of you mango growers have someone who comes by in a Tesla? Or any kind of EV?

The rains falling down today on the just and and the unjust. It is greening up all lawns here. You might be an atheist but it doesn't matter.... You are still getting God's righteous rain coming down on your trees and plants.

How I would do this---

Cut the mango halves off. Scoop out all the flesh. Get flesh off the seed as well as can be done. All mango skins are tossed out. Put all this into a container and freeze.
How does this taste 3 months later?

From what I have read, that after a few months in the freezer it is a watery mess that has lost much flavor and sweetness? True or not? Thanks in advance!

I and others eat these new (2012) Zills this way. Cut the halves off close to the seed as possible. Like filleting a fish. Scoop out the halves with a spoon and eat/ Then scrape the skin to get multi-interesting tastes. Eat around the seed as much as possible for more multi-tastes.

The ST is the green skin one. Not rock hard at all.  It was slightly soft. Though all green outside the flesh was orange and sweet. Had full ST sweetness and nice acid complexity.
The LZ was full ripe yellow skin. Tasted 75% as good and sweet as the full taste LZs I have eaten. To be fair the LZ was ripe to slightly over ripe. (the ST was not!) So in LZ not much acid complexity, the sweetness overwhelmed it.

Verdict: Sweet Tart was the winner

In one photo note the large seed in ST. ST has a high seed to flesh ratio. Both kinds are poly-embryonic unless I am mistaken.

Above two photos show the mango halves from LZ (right) and ST (left).

With your tablespoon scrape the skin for all remaining flesh and good tastes.

The above two photos show the large ST seed compared to an intact ST half and a skinned ST half. ST has high seed to flesh ratio.

Best eaten outside then washing hands and face with this:

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / 10 pack hurricane flashlights
« on: June 29, 2021, 06:51:41 AM »
FASTPRO 10-Pack, 9-LED Mini Flashlight Set

9-LED  - do not buy similar looking ones that come with one large LED!
Very bright light and color coded.
I bought this on Amazon prime day used for 11.50 dollars. So it came in a plain brown box, so what. All were in new condition. All work perfectly.
Ebay has it at higher prices

Tropical Fruit Discussion / My watermelon in The fridge Nine days old
« on: June 27, 2021, 11:22:26 AM »
Pease porridge hot
Pease porridge cold
Me watermelon in The fridge
Nine days olde

This seeded was a beauty
Was even a cutie
Was 26 pounds
Before making the rounds
But was never so firm
As the 16lb from before
Yea, this is the score

From Walmart
If you are smart
You pay your 6 dollar
No matter the size
If you are wise
You're able to choose the firm
So that later no squirming
Gonna test W today
If mushy no delay
In tossing this
On top of the mulch
In me mango gulch
To fine fertilize
You cannot deny

(Pease porridge was a staple food in old England. Made/cooked from dried whole peas. Not split peas. Cooking whole dried peas --- The result has lots more fiber due to the pea husks being left intact. Split peas removes them)

South East Florida rains.

Do you sell by the pound or by the mango? Selling by the piece?
I sell by the piece but will be buying a scale for next year. To sell by the pound.

About five years ago it was so dry at just the right time. That my nam doc mai developed a bit of acid in them, giving them a complex taste. Not their usual, one dimensional honey taste, as they/NDM are usually described.

I want more rains! I like to think that moisture is taken out of the weather systems, meaning less chance of destructive hurricanes. Though this is probably not true.

I have only eaten a few but......
The old trick with a lime and lemon is to roll it hard 10x against a kitchen surface. Then squeeze the juice out. Prolly youtube videos on this.

Here are the steps for a juice mango, My thinking at least.

At room temperature
Or warmed up by the sun
Roll juice mango 10 times hard on a kitchen surface. Maybe 20 times
Refrigerate and let it get nice and cold
Remove it.
Now do it your way to get the juice out

It is well known that by refrigerating vegs and apples, that it is much easier, you can extract more juice than if done with veg/fruits that are at room temperature

Tropical Fruit Discussion / A little mango tale for today
« on: June 19, 2021, 04:24:46 PM »
Today I was minding my own business, eating a very floral PSM (Pim Seng Mun) mango under a shady tree. Eating outside I can then walk over to the garden hose. To wash mango juices off my face and hands.

When a man drives by in long white tradesman's van (no rear windows) . He is probably a contractor of some kind. His son was riding shotgun. Starts shouting and laughing from 35ft away. So I walked closer and asked if he needed some mangos. Duh! He said that while going about his business, that he had driven by many times and always looks at my trees. I had to explain why I keep my trees on the small side. No higher than 16-17-18ft high.
What I had at hand were a total of 20 mangos. Half were in the refrigerator. These were kind of the B mangoes that my buyers had turned their noses up at. Some were really A grade. Some just slightly over ripe but still firm. A few hit the ground today.

Put them all out on a large towel on the lawn. Told him to take what looked good to him. He took about 18 of them. So now I have no mango overstock. I hate mangoes going to waste. I want all of mine to be eaten which I will admit is an ego thing. I am happy that 18 more of my crop will make people happy eating them.

Zands= True friend of the working man.
Those who roll up in a Mercedes or Infinity pay me $5 per. Last year Jeff Bezos paid me $100 per mango. Bill Gates hates them.

(Going by his accent he was Caribbean) (Prime mango enthusiasts of this hemisphere)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Bottom tier mangos. Don't plant these.
« on: June 12, 2021, 07:21:24 AM »
What makes bottom tier?
Low productivity.
Fungus and disease prone.
Too much fiber. Though grafted known varieties should not have fiber. I once had some seedling mangos that were very full of fiber. Tasted good though.

If you have a large space to plant trees then a few inferior or experimental mango trees is  OK. But most here have limited suburban spaces, and cannot afford to waste it on sub-par plantings of any kind.

For some fun here   -- You can list mango trees you planted. That when fruiting they were a disappointment. So you either cut them down or top worked them. I have seen here postings,  a few Indian mango trees that gave fruit that was deemed too much carrot taste. It got the chop. Is carroty a word? Yes, so fruits that were too carroty.

Miguel of Miami was raging at a  Haden tree that he got as mislabeled. So Haden should kick this off.

I like seeded but they are harder to find every year. I had to drive to a Walmart further way to buy seeded.
With seedless it seems you get lots thicker rind so you are spending for what most people toss. Though you can pickle rinds. A watermelon is first cousin to cucumber. Rinds are very firm so good for pickling. Add some pro-biotic powder to your pickles for more bacteria diversity. These powders typically have 5 diff bacterial strains.

I juice all rinds with some whole limes and ginger root.

In Broward County Florida---
Imported from Jamaica. Displayed front and center right as you walk in. They Both were a bit soft (you might find firmer) but had full coloration and looked great
Julie $3.49 each
East Indian a mind blowing $5.49 each

Seen today Saturday morning. I never tasted Julie and would have bought if they were $1.50 or less

YUN CHANG Pruning Shears Hand Pruner Garden Shears Pruners for Gardening

Having fun here---
The current Federal Reserve Board policy is called "Extend and Pretend" -- Our bubble economy is  based on extend and pretend. Real estate and the stock market. Look at all the Bros. getting in on the action. Learning from Dave Portnoy and reddit-- reddit wall street bets. Gamestock is what they did.

But with my most loaded in 5 years Pickering...I have decided to extend (not pretend) many thick branches outward and prop them up. Somewhat like a trellis. This is an anchor post that I will come back to Wednesday with photos and the interesting explanation how I  got to my Pickering extend/no pretend. Just by chance.

Later alligators


Obverse the white hurricane awning. The Pickering branches were sitting on top of it. Until I pressure washed awning  the other day so had to collapse white awning down over the window. The way I would do before a hurricane to protect this window.

It was only after collapsing this awning that I saw and knew how extended Pickering had grown. You will see in below photos that the extended and loaded w fruits are now propped up with two wood sticks. It needs a third one which I will do.

Observe in photos below how low Pickering branches out and branches go horizontal. This is why it is a good condo mango and good for green houses. Mango trees that are called upright growers. The branches like to reach skyward. As if they are in "Hands up-Don't shoot" mode ---Forever.

I will probably remove this awning and use plywood to protect this window that you  see in my photos. So that the extend branches can get more sunlight. Instead of being under this awning--The way they sit now

You can see here the low branching out of Pickering at about 18" high. The extended branches come outward to 14 feet. Are growing towards an area that is now bare (why bare? This is another story) Since it is bare the Pickering branches have all the more reason (for me) to extend for more fruit production

Two above photos--See the extended branches now propped up

Above you can see the end tips of the major extend branch and minor extend branches

Extend/zero pretend. Saying again for the plebs in the cheap seats way in the back--- Extend/ with zero pretend! Get into this game. Don't be lame, don't be that lamer.

I wanted a Pickering but this is all I could locate.
You can guess what mango this is
Hard to see but has three mangos hanging that must be cut off... :(

Drip irrigation is via the plastic gallon bottles that milk and apple cider come in. Prick the bottom or lowest low down on the side. Use the most tiny safety pin. Even then do not do a full shove in. The smallest prick means the longest lasting drip

"Water is the best fertilizer" Harry M. Hausman

You can add fertilizer to this gallon jug. I have not done so yet

If you have one you want to sell or know a nursery that has one. Looking for an above average, leafed out specimen. My local nursery in Tamarac, Florida, 33321 has pathetic 3 gallon mango trees fresh out of Zill's that cannot be more than 14" high. Zill is rushing them out of their mango grafting factory these days/ I read here Zill's is sending truckloads of mango trees out West. California Arizona etc.

Any leads on what solid Pickering you have seen in Broward County, Palm Beach county, Dade County/Miami (I would even dig one out)  Thanks!

My  Fernandin mango tree hardly produced last year. This year I saw no panicles so I pruned it severely 6 weeks ago. I figured do this early so that I get months of growth that I can tip-prune. Fernandin is a fast upright grower, so I wanted to get it as bushy shaped as possible. I watered this tree a few times to help it recover from this pruning

This must have thrown  Fernandin into a panic because  now I have 7 panicles. Mango panic strikes again!

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