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Title: Covering flowering mangoes
Post by: fruit nerd on May 18, 2022, 06:04:09 AM
I live in a high rainfall area but want to grow mangoes consistently. I plan on keeping my mango trees very small (~6 ft) and manageable. I was wondering, have people experimented with covering flowering mango trees during rain events? For small trees, I don't think this would be very hard to do.

Last year, one of my mango trees flowered but we got heavy rain at the time which resulted in no fruit set. This year, that particular tree's trunk has thickened up and I believe it should be able to support a small amount of fruit. Hoping to give it a good chance of setting fruit this year!
Title: Re: Covering flowering mangoes
Post by: Jose Spain on May 18, 2022, 11:21:03 AM
The main problem in the combination of heavy rains and pollination for most fruit trees is a combination of the polen being washed out and pollinators (mainly flies in mangoes) usually becoming inactive. I don't know though if mangoes can set fruit on their own even without insects like for example most peaches do... Keeping mangoes under 2 meters in your climate can be challenging too, even more so if you already have a problem of production because of rains.