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I just got the new banana book by Angela Kepler. I've only glanced through it, but it seems like a real masterpiece!  :-* It's a large format book, like Morton's, and also encyclopedic in nature, 585 pages but has lots more color photos throughout, lots of charts, and seems very well organized so anyone can understand it. I think Angela spent about 10 years reasearching this one. A real beaut! Bad news is that it's only available hard cover and it's not cheap: $80. No, i'm not selling it.  ;D But i'm glad i forked over the bucks. I'm very pleased! Only available through University of Hawaii press:
There is a lot of original work done on the Hawaiian type bananas, previously unclassified, but includes all bananas, even including some of the ornamental ones.
Will give more detailed report when i fully delve into it. But it's the kind of book that might take me 10 years to fully absorb. Tons of information!

This book looks good. I may have to add it to my collection. This may cut into my refractometer fund though...

Looks like an interesting book.  :)

To rectaromefer or not to refractomefer, that is the question!  ;)  Honestly, this book is a gold mine, can't wait to get off this stupid computer and actually read it. HAHA  I suspect it's the best banana book ever printed, or will be printed for a long time to come. My congratulations and kudos to Angela Kepler!!!
Angela and hubby visited me here about 10 years ago. She told me she was also working on a tropical fruit book! Told me she wanted to cover a lot of species and also all the cultivars! She is very ambitious lady!  Told me it would take her about 10+ years. Please pray that Angela lives a long time!!! If she does it will be like Morton Pt. 2, new and improved, full color photos. I should phone her and see if it's coming along?

Have you seen the new "Specialty Crops of the South Pacific" Book by Craig Elevitch?
It is really awesome...


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