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How are your Lychees doing in Socal?

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My large Sweetheart/FZS has bit the dust due to an unknown cause but I still have a small Kaimana, Hanging Green and No Mai Tsze. The Mauritius I planted at my friends house is flowering.

Here is a picture of my Hanging Green with the beginnings of flower buds. This tree was acquired as an air layer last year and it is only about two feet tall and one foot wide. My new air layers tend to flower the first year they are in the ground but never hold the fruit.

I expect to get fruit from my Hanging Green and No Mai Tsze in about ten years. Five years of I'm lucky. I've tried pushing the growth of lychees with fertilizers and it definitely helps with the growth rate but I've killed too many trees and decided to rely on ground applications of organic fertilizer combined with occasional chemical and organic foliar feelings.


Here is a picture of a Lychee tree close to my house. Fruit set looks great. I'm not sure what variety it is but I'm going to talk to the owner when I get a chance.

Also someone asked about Kaimana in SoCal, here is a picture of Quangs Kaimana from songs Nursery.

And a Brewster from Ongs


--- Quote from: ClayMango on March 20, 2015, 11:28:45 AM ---15 gallon Kaimana and Sweet Heart in full bloom...

JF is it safe to put them in the ground this week while they are flowering? I want to get em in the ground soon now the threat of Frost is over.

--- End quote ---

It's better to wait until they are done flowering/fruiting for transplanting to avoid shock.

When i last checked my lychee set dropped 3/4 of the fruit...the other lychees look strong and healthy...i blame the pvp rupture that sent water jet blast too both trees.

Alas, my Hak Ip dropped all potential fruit this year but my brewster is looking ok (fingers crossed). Best wishes everyone. Chris


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