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How are your Lychees doing in Socal?

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Hello  everyone,
My Sweetheart lychee is already pushing out flower buds right now. Anyone else lychees in Socal doing the same? Lychee crop might come early for 2023!

Sweetheart lychee grafted onto Emperor lychee. Amazing 1year of growth. Graft was done on 3/26/22

Healthy graft union

Splits into 2 branches over a foot long on both branches

Amazing growth indeed.
I have never seen lychee grow that much in less than a year.   What conditions in your opinion were so favorable? 

The tree skipped fruiting last year, so all the energy went into growth. Its loves the hot weather. This tree eats and drinks real good during the growing season. I pruned back the original tree to push the grafts to grow.

Mine are blooming as well.


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