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Lychee grafted onto Longan?

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any success to this? I am going to give this another try now as my Longan is pushing, it might be ideal time to try once more.

Ive given up on this.

I read articles that wedge/cleft grafting does work very well on lychees. I am going to try it again. last time when I tried, the timing was not on my side. now, rootstocks of longan are active and pushing/getting ready to push, full of sap.

Looks like success here finally. Lychee on longan. this was mature wood, grafted on green longan trunk.  Next I want to try green on green, need to find budwood that is actively pushing, I have two small Hakip plants but they suck in growth. not sure what I need to do to boost their growth.

Great to see the progress.

If it's the Hak Ip from me, it's partly because the plant's been in that 1 gallon pot for 2 years after I took it off the mother tree while I looked for someone to take it. Probably severely root-bound at the time. Also, lychees just grows slow until it reaches a certain size, then they grow fast.


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