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lychees, mango, and tangerines sizing up nicely (pics)

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here are the latest pics from my garage/greenhouse in NY. These plants help keep me sane during the long cold winter.

view into the garage through a window

view into the garage from the bottom of the garage

my jab- not completely happy- it drops alot of leaves every year in the garage even though the container is inside another container that doesnt have drainage holes and I water heavily every two weeks. it always grows all the leaves  back in the spring but it must take alot of energy out of the plant. i wonder if it needs  more humidity.

my sweeteheart lychee tree

one of the lychee bunches, including a rare double lychee

my largest lychee

one of the last two pannicles to open- unfortunately, its 100% female and all the older male flowers have dried up- so no pollen available to pollinate these females- its killing me. i should have stored some of the male flowers in the fridge so I would have some pollen to pollinate these females.

2 of my smaller lychee trees- the nearer one came from a harry airlayer- possibly kaimana- the one further away is a mauritius.

this is also a harry airlayer- possibly garnet- harry- see how the leaves are cut up like your garnet tree is

my Maha Chanok mango- was so scared that it would snap off in my hand!

all the other smaller mangoes fell off- but 3 new ones have formed (out of focus)

new buds forming where i cut off a panicle whose mango-lets had all fallen off

last mango bud about to open- presumbly also a flower pannicle

my PSM mango- looks very healthy but hasnt had a gowth spurt in about 9 months.

my golden nugget tangerine- fruiting for first time

couple of pommegranates

thats all folks!  hope you enjoy!


Nice!  For the jabo, can you just drill or puncture the bottom portion of the pot in multiple spots for drainage?

Thanks for posting the photos lycheeluva. Neat to see what is possible in NY. How do you heat your GH area? What temperature do you keep the area at? Do you alternate temperatures and daylight hours to help induce flowering
<OT> How does it help you to stay sane during long winter? Is being in a warm room uplifting? Or is it just the distraction of caring for your plants that helps, or both? I'm also wondering if large public greenhouses could help similarly curb depression in large cities with very long cold winters?

You are truly dedicated.... I would never have the patience to mess with that in my basement plus all the expenses. Plus cost of special lighting and electricity.

tg- i deliberately have the outer container with out drainage holes- supposedly the jab likes a wet environment.
oscar- i heat the garage with a gas heater that i had hooked up to the gas line in my house. the MH lights also add heat and the mylar helps keep the heat inside the garage. the temperature in the garage depends on the extrernal temps, and whether the lights are on. the coldest it gets in there is probably around 50 degrees f which will  happen if the outside temp is about 20 degrees and the lights are not on. on average, its around 65 with the lights on and 60 without them on.  but the temps are also quite uneven within the garage. higher up and close to the walls, its about 10-15 dgrees hotter than at ground level in the middle of the garage.
regarding the sanity comment, im addicted to fruit gardening- so this gives me my fix durin the winter


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