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lychees, mango, and tangerines sizing up nicely (pics)

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Thanks for reminding me that I did not post in your thread, Gerry.  I must have opened and read it during one of my breaks and  thought I had posted a reply.  So.....I am pleased to see the trees you got from me are being well cared for and are flourishing. It is quite amazing that you are able to do all this in a garage in Brooklyn.  Your Sweetheart lychee is setting fruit while mine (two trees) are not.  This is ridiculous to think possible if you consider the differencess in our growing conditions.  The airlayered Maha Chanok seems to be doing wonderfully.  It was my first and only, so far, mango airlayer.  It will interesting to hear a report about the quality of the fruit upon its maturing.  Looks like it is going to be ready to eat long before the regular mango season arrives here.  I am sure you won't remember the specific details, but Maha Chanok was the mango you tasted in PR when we went out to the resaturant with Ian.  Anyway, keep up the good work.  You are an inspiration to us all.


Harry- thanks for the kind (if solicited!) words, and you vastly underestimate my fruit geekiness. I absolutely remember eating the Maha Chanok mango in PR at the restaurant and thoroughly enjoying it. I believe it was that experience that led me to ask you to airlayer one for me.  I'm very excited to hopefully  get to taste my own home grown fruit.
It is indeed crazy that I have sweetheart lychees growing and you dont, but that may be a cooling issue and NYC sure does cooling well.

And thanks to everyone else who posted words of encouragment. I really appreciate them, especially coming from such talented tropcial fruit growers.


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