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lychees, mango, and tangerines sizing up nicely (pics)

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So you don't use a thermostat to control temperatures? Would a small fan help to circulate hot air and make temperatures more equal throughout the structure?

That is awesome Lycheeluva!  Your plants look so healthy and green.  I moved some of my plants into the gargage and they are growing pretty well but I started to get spider mites.  Have you had any issues with mites or does the cold keep them away pretty well?  That Maha Chanok looks like its going to be delicious. 

Wow! Fantastic setup and photos lycheeluva. I was in Brooklyn today with the family and picked up a soursop on Utica. What type of grow lights to you have? Is there a local source for those?  Thanks, dave

WOW! Great job LL!

That's Awesome're doing a great job. Look at all those lychees and the Maha is looking good. You have more lychees than most of us that grow them in FL,lol...Congrats, thanks for the great pics.


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