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Whats bloomin at the P450 compound


Planted this grumichama from Excalibur last year without ever trying the cherries and this year it is flowering, oddly enough the flowers smell like bacon. I don't mind cause I love bacon but no telling what a bacon flavored cherry will taste like...anyone care to comment on the taste?

White marsh grapefruit from HD is in full bloom. I love the smell of citrus blossoms and the white marsh grapefruit has less of the sour bitter taste that you get with the ruby red. You really don't even need to add sugar to the white marsh a true treat for breakfast!

Here is a natchez blackberry from HD

Dwarf Black Thai Mulberry from excalibur, enjoy the berries but so far pretty small.

Pineapple, I got a bunch of free tops from the produce manager at my local Winn-Dixie.

Raspberry from HD forget the cultivar.


Joe, you sure the bacon smell wasn't coming from the neighbors making breakfast?  ;) No bacon smell on my brazilian cherries! Definitely don't taste like bacon either. The brazilian cherries (grumichamas) have a nice taste, kinda hard to describe, sweet with just a tad of tart. I noticed that my two trees each have slightly different taste, one has a very slight bitter after taste but the other doesn't. Often it's called the best of the eugenia fruits, but i really wonder who has tasted all 200+ eugenia species to be able to really say?

Wow Joe, what a great time of year, lots of blooms, congrats.  I was disappointed to find out that of all things the 'Bacon' avocado has no bacon flavor.  Maybe they can splice some pork genes into an apple or something like that, then I'd be for GMO.



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