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Durian Season in Hawaii?

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I will be in Hawaii (big island) the first week of February and was wondering if Durian are in season. I couldnít find much info online regarding the season, when and where to buy. Any locals have info?
Also, any fruit farms open to the public worth visiting? 

ben mango:
Your best bet will be Wednesday and Saturday hilo farmers market or Sunday makuíu market. Go early (8am) Also you can go to Pamís warehouse open any day of the week except maybe on market days. 55 furneaux lane.

Last Sunday one vendor had durian for sale at Maku'u market, so you could try there.

Awesome, thank you both for the suggestions.  I plan on spending most of the weekend around Hilo so I will definitely check these out.

Vegan Potato Man:
Be ready to pay through the nose  8)

Edit: Theres a Hawaii durian growers group on FB, or used to be. Got banned from FB at the beginning of the pandemic. Probably worth checking to see if you can buy it direct.


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