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10b - best snacking fruits for kids

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I'm putting together a play area in the yard for my daughter. For both shade and foraging, I'd like to have fruiting trees, shrubs, and ground covers. Jamaican cherry tree is great for snacking for kids and for shade. She also loves everglades tomatoes, so I'll plant those around probably as ground cover.
What else should I consider? The plants don't have to be super productive, but I'd prefer if it's not very unproductive.

my introduction to plants as a kid was honeysuckle, I'll never forget trying it and finding it unbelievable that it really tasted sweet like honey
I think a lot of species are invasive though

Gotta have mulberry
Passion fruit
Garcinia Intermedia or improved lemon drop

Barbados Cherry bush.

FV Fruit Freak:
Blueberries are my kids favorite and they can pick them easily.


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