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10b - best snacking fruits for kids

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John B:
Each time my kids walk by my neglected kumquat tree, they grab a few. Perfect little snack for them. My daughter only eats the skin, and my son eats the whole thing. The tree receives little care, is beat up constantly by little ones, and still produces prolifically. They certainly will forage for anything, though.

I wish there were a less thorny version, but I've watched kids devour finger limes.

I grew up devouring loquats in season, and I think though it's difficult to recommend, Morus nigra.
It depends on how you feel about stained clothing.

The Barbados cherry or Acerola is a very productive tree, rare to see it without fruit on it, so it's an easy choice if planted in a warm spot.

Pigeon pea??

If we’re including veggies. Eat them fresh green off the tree like edamame.
Easy and fast to grow. Doubles as green mulch and shade for smaller plants. 😃

Lots of excellent suggestions on this thread. I would throw in any of the Physalis ssp. fruits (poha berry, ground cherry, winter cherry, etc.).

Standard sugar cane will grow wild here and tolerate the sandy or alkaline soil. Compost and fertilizer will let it grow faster. The sand doesn't hold water so it would be dry in dry season though.


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