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10b - best snacking fruits for kids

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Figs and blueberries are pretty easy.

I try to be careful with fruiting vines because false nightshade is too prevalent, and I need to watch out for pokeweed. (They look just like edible berries and are very much not)


--- Quote from: tru on January 23, 2023, 11:44:40 AM ---my introduction to plants as a kid was honeysuckle, I'll never forget trying it and finding it unbelievable that it really tasted sweet like honey
I think a lot of species are invasive though

--- End quote ---

Honeysuckle has a better cousin, the Honeyberry/Haskap. Normally hardy zone 3-8, makes a blueberry-like fruit. Native to Siberia/Japan I believe, and not considered invasive. Florida (Zone 9+) trials going on for a few cultivars, a couple of which I bought and will receive sometime this Spring (Strawberry Sensation, Boreal Beauty).
Might be worth a try for something new, especially an easily manageable shrub.

I agree with every other suggestion posted in this thread too. If you need a purple passion vine, I'm digging mine up to replace with giant granadilla; let me know if you want to pick it up im in Broward.

Zone 10? Red banana though box it in somehow so it can't spread too much (like now around it, put on side of house or some barrier). Slowly over time they spread and eventually every where years later. I never saw honey suckle in Florida.

Whatever fruits they are excited about.

Wow, what a great thread! In my experience kids like sugarcane. Its prolific, sweet, and has a long season. They ask for it a lot when they are in my garden. Miracle fruit is also very popular, does well in shade, and is on their eye level. I would plant some even if you have to put them in a raised bed or pot because of alkaline soil. I think its important to include some vegetables, too. Cranberry Leaf Hibiscus (aka False Roselle) has been surprisingly popular with kids (especially when served with miracle fruit) and is a creative way to introduce them to leaf vegetables. Roselle would probably also work and has the advantage of having a "fruit." Sweet "snack peppers" are another good one if she likes tomatoes. Mexican Sour Gherkin makes cute "mini cucumbers" and has very few pest problems. Bok Choy stems make a good substitute for celery in the old "ants on a log" snack and it is fairly easy to grow in Florida. Purple/red mombin is an option for a very productive shade tree that has not been mentioned.


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