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Recommendation for water-soluble dragon fruit fertilizer

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--- Quote from: elouicious on February 08, 2023, 08:04:52 PM ---Ive had a similar experience K-Rimes

Someone told me once that Cacti can take really high N because (at least in theory) animals sometimes get wrapped up in cacti and die and then the rotting corpse is essentially draining onto the plant, could be an old wives tale though

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Interesting, I heard something in a similar vein that cactus have spines because in deserts, animals will eat all the vegetation they can get and over time the only plants that didn't go extinct were the ones that didn't get grazed to death


--- Quote from: K-Rimes on February 08, 2023, 07:40:09 PM ---
--- Quote ---No. I am just afraid of letting solid fertilizer touch the base of the DFs and causing them to rot, or disturbing the root system while mixing the fertilizer into the soil because they have little space in pots.
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Ok maybe I shouldn't admit this but sometimes I put on so much slow release vigoro that I can barely see the soil anymore. There seems to be no limit to how much fertilizer they can take. I've never even seen young shoots burn from it. This said, I only apply when it is warm enough for them to grow.

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Thanks K-Rimes. Which slow release vigoro do you use?

I use citus avo. It's really, really cheap. I use chicken manure start of season, then switch to vigoro.

If you get rot at the base it's not a problem, just cut the flesh off. The plant will live just fine with just the spine. I have lots like this. I cut it to the spine in the middle of arms too, no problem. If it starts getting rot somewhere I do that surgery and call it a day.

I also noticed that even when the base becomes just a tiny thin stick, it would still grow, I guess there has to be some cambium left. I even tried pulling thinking it would slide out but it's really stuck so the roots should be intact.

Thank you all.


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