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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Grafting Grumichama onto surinam cherry
« on: March 27, 2024, 02:18:13 AM »
I am getting a grumichama plant i a month or so, can i graft from it, onto my surinam cherry? I wont top work the surinam, but rather want to add the grumichama, since i dont have a place in the greenhouse, where i could plant it.
Could they be grafted to each other?

I think this is the species of aphid, that is wrecking havoc in my greenhouse right now. I am looking into using a bio grade product called Naturalis, which contains a strain of a flesh eating fungus called Beauveria Bassiana. On the product, it does not mention whether it could be used and is effective on whooly aphids, i wonder if i should use this , or go whith a unnorganic pesticide instead?
They do not even blink when i use neem oil, i feel like i am applying sun tan on them. I have quails in the greenhouse, because of which i not to use strong chemicals, but i do use them as a last resort.
Has someone used the above mentioned product, on wholly aphids? I would like to hear your experience with it, as i am a bit worried on introducing this fungus into the greenhouse system.
As a side question, how do you control whooly aphids? 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Can anyone recognize this plinia species?
« on: February 05, 2024, 05:40:56 AM »
Wonder what kind of plinia this is, its easy to tell it is not the regular sabata tipe jaboticaba, what could it be?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Papaya air layering
« on: January 23, 2024, 11:05:18 AM »
Hello, as my mountain papaya plants have outgrown their place highwise, in the greenhouse, i want to air layer them so i lower the heigh and hopefully get a new plant for pot culture, which should be a more campact of a grower. I found several videos on youtube , of how people get papaya plants to root at various heights on the stem, so i will do this method .
Have all the materials and will set them airlayers today.
Has someone here on the forum tried this technique?
Here is a link to one of the videos.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Anyone growing Uvaria Ruffa
« on: November 11, 2023, 05:07:15 AM »
I have several very sad looking seedlings, that look like they might die any moment now. They are around a year old and are just about 5 -10 cm high. Leaves are light yelowwish green, they do not grow at all anymore, planted in well drained turf.
Can someone give me a hint as to what to do to make them grow? They were in the greenhouse all summer, in dapled shade, now they are inside the house ,on a south facing window.  I have 2 soursops that i started along with the uvaria's, and those although still not doing wonderfull, are growing much better that the uvaria, if that is of any value showing what the conditionds are like.

My cherimoya trees did not flower as profusely as last year, i did a defoliation and a slight prune kinda late, at the end of july, one of them did not produce a single flower, 5h3 other one had around 20. They are big plants and did had a very strong flower flush last year, when one of them set 50 fruit, the other one had 3.
The only thing i can think of ,that was different pas winter, was that i did the heating system in the greenhouse, which ended up very eficient at keeping the lowest temp in there at around 10-15 C ,most of the time, whereas for the winter of 2021-22, i had a sloppy heating system that kept the lowest temps anywhere around 5-10C, sometimes colder. The summer after this first cold winter for the plants in the greenhouse, that is when they had the strong bloom, after a defoliation and pruning in june.

Now i do have alot of controw over the temperature in the greenhouse right now, curntly i havent yet  turned on the heating system, because of the cherymoyas, in hopes of letting them accumulate a bit of chill hours. I dont know how long should i maintain low temperatures in there, today i had 6.2C inside, i do have other more tender things in there ,thats why i wonder if the weak bloom was because i kept it too warm for them over winter, or maybe it was due to the late prune and defoliation that i did?
Anyone growing cherimoya in a tropical place, where you dont get temperatures  below 10C and are still able to fruit cherimoya?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Pumice, lava rock , or both ?
« on: October 03, 2023, 07:18:05 AM »
I am looking into adding one or possibly both of those products to my potting soil for tropicals, bonsai and other more valuable plants. Should i use one or the other, or is it best to use both as an equal part in a potting mix?  I was thinking of getting just the lava rock, but i saw there is also pumice available.
What is your reccomendation?

I have 3 Vasconacaela Pubescens plants, planted in one hole. The biggest of them has theese flower clusters, to me they look like a hermaphrodite tipe flowers. Can someone with more experience tell what gender would those be? I dont know if this species is like the regular papaya, gender wise?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Forcing mango to branch out
« on: September 17, 2023, 03:07:53 AM »
I have this mango plant in my greenhouse, it has 3 main scaffold branches. The plant is starting to grow once again ,but only from the apical bud, i want it to start branching out . Should i remove the apical bud growth, in order to promote the dormant smaller buds, that are in the bases of the leaves?
I think theyve done the exact same thing in the nursery, there is a visible pruning point ,right above the start of the 3 branches.
Please keep in mind that i wont form this tree as one would if it was growing outside, i have a litited space in the greenhouse, so i am aiming towards a very small, but very branched tree, the variety is Zebda.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Do you thin your dragon fruit flower buds?
« on: September 15, 2023, 12:34:45 AM »
My plants have quite a few flowe buds right now, i wonder if i should remove a few, there are some branches with more than 2-3 on them, in close proximity.
One person suggested i should leave no more that 2 per branch. I really dont want to remove any as i dont know which one could be succesfull at hand pollination. The first 5 flowers all set fruit, the second 5, on both plants, sll aborted, despite the mix of pollen between the 2, my mother pollinated the failed ones. I wonder what went wrong with those....
Anyway, i would like to keep them becouse of having more potential for fruit .
The set fruit from the very first flowers are also visible.

Bought this a while ago, as a sugar dragon variety, i am not sure if it really is. Does it look like your sugar dragon plant, do they have the corcing on the ribs? Thanks!

I made a trellis/support for 2 of my dragon fruit plants, megalanthus seedlings, grafted onto undatus.  I used a pvc pipe, as a base i casted cement, which extends also up into the pipe itself, i also used some metal sticks for an additional strength.  So does fresh cement work well with pitaya roots? I mean, being so freshly casted, will it affect the plants if i happen to use it tomorrow?
I want to repot and change some of the soil of the plants, will add better draining one, also want to place them on the new trellis as i just saw that  they have their first flower buds, i need to make the plant a bit more compact so i can put it into the greenhouse, so that those buds have a chance. Its getting colder outside.
I would've left the cast to cure, but i am preshured right now, so want to use it now. The plants will be in a pot.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Question regarding dragon fruit pollination
« on: September 02, 2023, 08:09:46 AM »
I have the last 4 flowers on my 2 plants, that will be blooming tonight. I am currently not at home and theres no one else to pollinate them, i will be back tomorrow evening, will it be too late to pollinate them then?

I started theese over winter, i bought seeds for carica pubescens, that was the label. The seeds had some differences with the standard papaya seeds, visually. They were a bit more elongated, kinda pointy at both ends, also the ridjing on them was not as pronounced as on regular papaya seeds. They were bigger seeds too.
The plants are fuzzy, only upper surface of leaves is not, the central stem is also quite fuzzy, when younger.
I am seeing some young flower clusters on the biggest one, they contain around 5 individual flowers, as far as i can see, for the moment. Leaves also have a bit of an protrusions on the upper part of the leaf, right where the leaf connects to the petiole.
I am not sure if they are the species i bought seeds for, since pictures on the web show a bit different leaves, not as serrated, slender and pointy.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Freeze storage of passiflora pollen
« on: August 29, 2023, 02:01:12 PM »
I want to store pollen from my passiflora species , for cross pollination. Most of my plants do not meet within their blooming times and i hope i could store some pollen from my caerulea and alata, so hopefully i could be succesfull at cross pollinating my decaisneana, it seems to be self sterile.
Anyone storing passiflora pollen in the freezer for a longer term use?
Can you share your routine and steps on prepairing the pollen for storaje, i quess it should be similar to dragon fruit pollen procedures?
Thank you!!!

It is an exciting night for me, my 2 dragon fruit plants both opened their first flowers. That was just a perfect sinchrony on their part, the flowers look identical, olthought when they were buds there were some differences regarding looks, i was hopefull for them to be different varieties, but now i quess there is a high chance for them to be the same thing.
The only magor difference between the plants is that one of them has alot of aerial roots, the other one barely has any.
I crossed the flowers ,while i was pollinating them, also used some of their own pollen on both of them.
The flowers are just spectacular! Giant! The biggest flowers i have ever seen in person, really unique.

So can someone give at least an guiding id based on the looks of the flowers? I know an accurate variety name is somethink i probably cant get, without fruit, but does they at least look like it will be white fleshed, darker fleshed?

I have 3 more flower buds that will open in a few days, then 5 more that will be flowering probably around 2 weeks from now. I will be hand pollinating them all and will cross them as much as i can. Lets hope i get at least one fruit per plant.

I cant find any information on how often to use this, for soil media. People seem to be pleased with this fert, i am not promoting anything, just want to know how often to use this for the best results, more importantly to avoid overdosage.
Thank you for your time and advice!

As a side question, ive red that sintetic fertilizers do not promote biodiversity in soil,  do they only not promote or also inhibit soil biome?

Hi, i am planning on changing my greenhouse 4 mm policarbonate sheets with thicker ones. My goal is to have more insulation ability over the winter. My curent setup is a 4 mm poli in summer, on top of which i add a 1 layer of thick bubble wrap and one layer of polyethylene on top, that i do so i have additional insulation in winter. The putting and taking off of the additional layers is not a pleasant experience, so i am looking into more permanent options. In addition to that, the sheets get dirty and can really be cleaned well, so they end up additionally blocking alot of the already weak sun rays in winter.
I am thinking about 8 or 10 mm thick poli, and mostly aiming at the 8 mm one for now. Should i really change the poli and make it thicker, duss sacrificing some of the light passing trough, or should i rather focus on the heating instead?
I have the central home heating system connected in the greenhouse, so i use radiators in there. Last winter i pulled just fine with one 2 m long and two 80 sm long ones, they all are 60 sm in heigh. I have and additional outlet for another 2 m long radiator, which i also have, just didnt used it last year.

So would i be better of to stay with the 4 mm poli, without the additional sheets for insulation over winter, possibly with adding the additional radiator in there, or would it be better to have the 8 mm poli, which would increase the insulation value and lead to a decreased heating cost?

I also want to make the greenhouse frame a bit taller as plants are getting bigger and given that i cant provide additional side space, i could at least provide a bit of a vertical one. Would like to make the changes at one shot.

So what would you do?

Is someone using those? Both of them are quite costly,  but if they have shown good results with most of you, i would be willing to break the bank a bit.

My purple edulis is phenomenal this year, a load of fruit . However, in the recent ongoing heat wave, it has started to do a strange thing. Some of the fruit, i would say around 50 percent show from very light to kinda major wrinkles, they are visible only in the day, while the sun is shining on the plant, and interestingly go away over the night, in the early morning only some of the worst cases/fruit  show it a little, the others start the day nice and plump. The plant has no shade protection over it. This has started to happen in the recent half a week, coincidentally with the sahara heat that we are getting for a second week, which is just getting stronger. Daytime temps are around 35, in shade.
The plant i recon has a damp soil at the base, so i doubt it is from lack of water, also the leaves never show any sighns of wilt, thats why i think it should not be from a lack of water. The plant does cary alot of fruit.
Anyone ever had this happen to your passion fruit? The forecast for the next week is nothing short of an oven, i am thinking of giving the plant some shade net tomorow, 5hat should probably help. By the way, the plant hasn't shed a single fruit, from those that get wrinkled, i also remember ive had this happen before, to a potted passion fruit, but it was from a lack of water when the soil went a little dry between waterings, this one it inground , the soil seems quite moist to me.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Springtails in the greenhouse
« on: July 14, 2023, 06:11:32 PM »
The floor is teaming with them, apparently they like my freshly added mulch and compost, i just watered today and they float up to the surface when watering.
Red on the net that they are a singh of an overly damp soil, is that true? My soil is not overly damp, from what i can tell, its just normally moist by my observations, i try to not overwater, are they in such a boom in their population becouse of a too moist of a soil, or are they just loving the environment and the loads of decaying organic matter and living in there, no mather of the soil's moisture?

Citrus General Discussion / Citrus potting soil qestion
« on: July 05, 2023, 01:41:15 PM »
Hi, i have theese 3 ingredients that i make a potting soil for my other plants, will it be also good for citrus?
1 part peat based potting soil
1 part vermicompost, or slightly less than the peat
- alot of perlite, a generous ammount

The ressulting media is very light with a very good drainage, the other plants seem to love it as of now..
Thanks a bunch!

I have those two, one is fuyu, the other is a astringent type, prolly hachia. Lately they have been slolely getting yellower(leaves), especially the fuyu. They are also getting some little brown spots/dots, mainly on the oldest leaves, both of them. I am watering every day, they dry up very fast, could this be from lach of nutrients, i am scared to fertilize them, as ive had tremendous fruit and flower drop after fertilization in the past. I gave them a green kristalon leaf spray several days ago. I think i have to repot them also, as those pots are probably way too tight on them, hence the fast drying up. I gave them some iron drench today, hopefully it helps some, planning to repot them somewhere theese days.


I am looking into bying some new tropical fruit plants, which of theese species have the pottential to bear fruit without a partner for cross pollination?

White sapote
Green sapote
Purple jaboticaba
Star apple
Lemon drop mangosteen

 Excuse me for not writing the scientiffic names, i think ive wrote the most used common names of the plants.

I recently got 2 of those and i have some questions:
- is the fruit any good?
-are the plants self fertile, i assume they could be pollinated with caerulea pollen?
- does the species need winter dormancy?
- any growing advices are wellcomed !

I am planning on having them in pots and taking them in the basement for the winter, but i also want to know if the vines will tollerate year round warmth, as i could plant one in the greenhouse.
I ultimately want to keep alive the aboveground parts trough winter, so i can hopefully have a more mature vine in spring that will start to bloom sooner. So basically i wonder, does the aboveground part die every season, no matter the climate, or could it be kept alive, given that the temperatures are favorable?

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