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Uses for unripe mangoes?

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I had a branch fall today in a storm, which resulted in me having about 60-80 unripe mangoes on my hands.  :o

I made some mango powder (amchoor) earlier in the season with some unripe mangoes, but I'm not really looking to peel, slice, and dry 80 mangoes.

I've also seen mango pickles, which I will make, but with that many mangoes, I'll need all the ideas I can get. I'd hate to see them go to waste.

Any ideas?


You could make  Mango Chutney  (  ingredients: diced unripe mangoes,garlic,ginger,cloves, red chilli powder, salt, sugar, raisins). It stores for more than a year at room temperature. If interested in details please PM.
 Another option you can make a hot Mango Pickle . In this case I recomend you buy a ready made mix you can buy at Indian stores and follow the instructions on the packet.

Is it overripe and green still? There are tons of uses for green mango! Check these ones for starters https://www.idiva.com/photogallery-ifood/10-awesome-raw-green-mango-recipes/36032

The best use of unripe mango is making Mango Pickle.

I tend to make a salad or aam panna with my unripe mangos.


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