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Largest Fruit - Mandarin/Tangerine (maybe Guinness record)

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Just curious who grows the largest variety of mandarins/tangerines.

Here's the different mandarins listed per CCPP budwood/Citrus Variety Data:
-> Mandarin-Clementine
-> Mandarin-Satsuma
-> Mandarin-Tangelo
-> Mandarin-Tangor
-> Mandarin-Other

There are over 100 different varieties identified here so there should be many people who grow one or more of these.

Would like to see a photo of your large fruit and how much it weighs. I will take some photos of my whoppers and post later.

I will start with one of my larger Kiyomi Tangor.
1) Kiyomi, weight is 347 grams, see photo of fruit.

Can anyone beat this one ?? Please post your large fruit.

Is there a bigger mandarin than a Sumo/ Dekopon ?

I'm not sure, but would like to find out if anyone has some big ones. I plan to submit a request for entering the "mandarin/tangerine" as one of the category "record title" and see if they will create this for the mandarin. But first it will be nice to see how many mandarins are big and no clear variety is a winner from the start.

Citrus fruit do not receive all of the energy required for a fruits growth from the entire tree, but ONLY from the three or four leaves closest to the each fruit.  Therefor, to obtain a large size fruit allow only one fruit per each 3 or  4 leaves.   Additionally, applying a summer urea foliar spay between June 11 and July 1 extends the cell division stage of fruit development, again  increasing the fruit size. 

Millet, good advice. I will need to try this on my Thong Dee. The last fruits I picked were pretty large, 3 lbs & 5lbs, maybe they will be larger next year.


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