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ISO Kanko Loquat


M Nails:
Hello, in Northern California and hoping to purchase some Kanko Loquat scions.  All the nursery  options Iíve found are out of stock. 

Hey, loquats are either blooming or fruiting right now. Scions are typically not cut during this time. Kanko is on my list to get as well. Hope to find some this year.

M Nails:
Yes- mine are fruiting right now, but this is the best time of year for grafting them, in my experience.  They do seem to be more available in the fall, but I prefer to graft as my trees are pushing our lots of new growth.   

Yes, I grafted some scions in January and they are pushing out now. It is also a good time to root cuttings if you have room for more trees. I put the cutting in a tote with about four inches of course sand. Place them on a heat mat set at 72F with grow lights and spray them daily. Get near 100% rooting. Works with cassava, fig, mulberry and I put some peaches in this year. Never done peaches this away before but they are pushing growth. :)


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