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Found an interesting link.  Lots of field guides to download, useful to see what some rare fruits look like (& then start to dig to actually find info on them).


Looks like some interesting fruit photos buried in there. If you're going to wade through all that can you please single out for us all the ones that are relevant to just tropical fruits? Thanks.

Unfortunately, I posted this after I dug through to find stuff & I saved it to a dozen or more different file folders.  So, not so easy to find what I downloaded from there (I have pretty extensive reference collection, filed by family or region, whatever matches the info better).  I can say that I found info on Myrtaceae, Apocynaceae, Sapotaceae, Passiflora, Solanaceae, Moraceae, cucurbits, & others.  I am sure I still missed some.  I have not yet had a chance to really go through what I downloaded.


Been looking through some of the stuff. It helps greatly using the filters. For instance they have a fruit trees, nut filter and a herb filter. A lot of cool looking and useful plants I never heard of before.

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