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Clearing out some mango and avocado trees


We have a few mango and avocado trees (grafted varieties) that have lost labels and are a little ratty looking, we are looking to blow them out cheap. they are in 3 gallon pots and would do a deal for them all if anyone is interested in nursing them back to health and willing to take a gamble on variety. These are all known varieties,glenn,kent,hass,catalina,monroe etc  If anyone has an interest let me know asap,otherwise they go to whomever wants them,figured I would give forum members first crack at them, again they are not suitable for retail at this time, just want to make it clear they are not in the best of shape. I wont sell these to retail customers as we have no clue what varieties they are. CHEAP trees for anyone who has room!!!!n Thanks Mike



--- Quote from: BENDERSGROVE on October 01, 2012, 12:44:29 PM ---All SOLD!

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That was quick. How many did you have?

8 avocado and 11 mango trees


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