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Imbe Seedlings (3gal, about 5 yrs old) Garcinia livingstonei approx 1.5ft tall


Hello forum members!

I have about 3 or 4 Imbe seedlings (from fruits of the trees at Adolph Grimal's Estate at Big Pine key, FL)

The seedlings have been kept small, and are about 1.5ft tall, but bushy.  They should flower and fruit consistently in the next 2-4 yrs max.

I'm not too keen on shipping these because they are heavy and don't bare root well.

They cost $25 each.

So, "local pick up only" will be how I'm selling these...and I'm in the Orlando, FL area.

Please contact me through the forum, and I can send pics of the trees If u r interested in purchasing one...or two...(I hear its best to get a pair for pollination, but the seedlings from Adlophs imbe trees seem to have lots of plants that make a decent amount of fruit all by them self)

Thanks for looking,



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