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Has beans making a comeback this Xmas

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Mike T:

I used to grow many kinds of beans including a variety of kidney,soy,limas and about 12 types of snake beans.I kinda got sick of them but now I am getting interesting in legumes again.My Christmas Lima vine is pumping the beans out now and I find myself once again hunting for other bean seeds to plant.

Neat looking beans Mike. Can you please describe taste and also growth pattern of these plants?

Mike T:
Oscar Xmas beans are used the same way as limas and you cannot eat the green beans.The flavor is richer than the common white lima and I understand they are more nutritious.I soak dry beans in water and use them in a variety of ways as per limas and kidneys.The vines are long lived, big and super productive with my one vine spazzing out with pods everywhere.They resemble jicama vines and need support.If it wasn't dark I'd take a snap.

Thanks for the info. How long is long lived? Wondering if these are the ones i read about that live several years?

Mike T:
I don't know Oscar but the person who sent the original seed had a vine two years old.I had a common wing bean vine for maybe 5 years and it would die back each dry season and spring back from the ground when temps and rain increased each year.They must have tubers under the ground.I know wing beans are highly regarded but I guess you'd remember if it was a popular species/variety.


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