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Green Cardamom Seedlings


I just wanted to post about growing Cardamom from store bought seed.  I heard that it could be done so I went to a local Persian/Middle Eastern grocery store and bought a jar of Green Cardamom seed pods.  I soaked about half of them (probably close to 50 or more pods) for a couple days and then broke them open to remove the small black seeds.  I used a lot since I was under the impression the germination percentage was not very good.  I sowed the seeds in store bought potting soil, covering the top of the pot with seeds and broken open pods and just barely covering the seeds with soil.  I kept them very wet by watering every day for a month during the hottest part of the summer in Atlanta Georgia USA.  They were kept in partial shade.  I thought I had failed after 6 weeks and basically left the pot and forgot about it.  Of course that is when I noticed the first seedling about two months after potting.  Since then, I would say most of them have sprouted.  So I wanted to post that it can be done from store bought pods and it just takes a LONG time for germination.  If anyone is in the Atlanta Georgia area and wants some, by all means, I have plenty. ;)

Thanks for the info! I'll give it a shot now. D

I wonder if the pods of Black Cardamon Amomum subulatum also germinate seeds ?


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