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New Zealand Lemonade polyembryonic?

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Would be easy enough to find out by planting numerous seeds, and see if you only get one seedling, or multiple seedlings peer seed.

Sure, but currently I have no NZL.

It is good to find out before hand if a Citrus is nucellar / polyembryonic, especially if you need to need to buy or import seed and really only want the real thing if you can get it.

Just planted all the seeds from a shopping bag's full of Lemonade fruit into one pot. Surprisingly few seeds per fruit, but then again I picked the largest fruit, and in general the bigger the Citrus fruit, the less seeds (relative to the rest of the fruit of the tree).
I'll try and sprout them outside (no space inside at the moment), should be warm enough I think. Hopefully will give some good idea of how many seeds are polyembryonic :)

Great, I am really looking forward to your results.


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