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Hi Guys,
Ok, I am counting on all you South Florida folks to help me with this! When we were in the keys, I came across a very small plant, 18" high, that has leaves and flowers like bird of paradise, but the colors!!! Never seen this before! I have been trying to locate some, but none match these colors!
Please someone, what is this called? And where can I get it?

I am on vacation and just went to Kew Gardens. Loved the palm house, and am toying with getting rid of the pots in my greenhouse,
Because of massive maple tree roots under the greenhouse, I can't even dig down a few inches. But I'm thinking of very large raised beds, maybe 15" high, and letting the trees in the greenhouse dig down into native soil and wiggle trhough the maple roots.
Any ideas for thin, sturdy raised bed walls? 4" wide cinderblocks and anchor them? Wood that won't rot or poison my plants? Thin poured concrete walls?


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Aframomum (grains of paradise) doesn't bloom
« on: August 19, 2023, 09:53:18 AM »
I have several healthy aframomum plants that have never bloomed. Any idea how to make them bloom?
They are in pots in the shade, in my greenhouse.


Fresh (unrooted) vanilla planifolia cuttings from very large plant. Cuttings are thick and robust.

$10 for 1 ft cuttings, $20 for 2 ft cuttings, plus $17.10 priority mail.

Can get several cuttings in one box.


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / SOLD!!! Babaco cuttings for sale
« on: April 05, 2023, 09:48:49 AM »

These are now ALL  SOLD.
I have some fresh babaco papaya cuttings for sale!
US only
$5 each plus postage
Carefully packaged with bubble wrap, all cuttings are marked as to which direction is "up"
Priority shipping for up to six 8-9 inch cuttings is $10.20
Priority shipping for up to ten 12 inch cuttings is $17.10

PM me if interested


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Buying fruit trees in Belize?
« on: March 31, 2023, 09:36:08 AM »
Well, my kids have up and bought a farm in Belize!
It's going to be a cacao farm/B&B (my son is a chocolatier by trade...). 
Right now it is planted with mango, coconut, cashew and pineapple. His pictures also showed a variety of frangipani and some wild type (guessing not very tasty) type of dragon fruit. Plenty of mahogany for building things.
Anybody on the forum familiar with Belize and know of any good places to buy fruit trees there?
They are near Belmopan, and have located one nursery so far...

Can hardly wait to visit!! I have my USDA permit and seed collecting kit all ready!


Tropical Fruit Discussion / How big do loroco vines get?
« on: February 15, 2023, 11:00:56 AM »
I have some loroco (fernaldia pandurata) seeds that have germinated and am looking at potting them up shortly.
Anybody familiar with these? How big do they get? I can't find much info on the size. I was thinking of putting a few in a single 16" pot with a trellis, and then growing a couple up the greenhouse porch post as annuals.

Thanks, Carolyn

Tropical Fruit Discussion / How to get double stalk from Double Mahoi
« on: February 11, 2023, 09:47:07 AM »
I have been growing Double Mahoi for years and never gotten a double bunch.

The Logees's catalogue states this happens during "the second cycle of fruiting". Was I supposed to keep the plant after blooming and use the same corm or something?  I have just been theowing the old corm away, replanting the pups and getting bananas from those.

What do I do to get multiple bunches of bananas?


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Would GOOD sugar apple seeds float??
« on: February 02, 2023, 07:29:58 PM »
Can someone please answer this for me???

I just got some seeds that I ordered. When putting them in to soak today prior to planting, I noticed that ALL the sugar apple seeds floated. Does this mean they are no good? Or will they sink in a day or so? Or could they still be fertile, even if they float?


So, in some of the latest discussions with Plantinyum and Tropicaltoba, it made me wonder how many folks have tropical gardens under glass, or even in their houses.

I know TropicalFruitHunters is in Ohio (still have my shirt!), we just picked up someone in Virgina, there are people in Tennessee, and I think more than one in Canada. Plantinyum is in Bulgaris. And let's not forget Iceland!!!

So let's hear it if you are a greenhouse or indoor gardener, your zone, and a little about what you grow.
If someone knows how to use YouTube (which is not me, that's for sure!) I thought maybe it would be fun if we could have virtual tours of our setups...

Carolyn -
Boise Idaho, 700 s.f. greenhouse, zone 6,
I grow any tropical and sub-tropical edible that I can get my hands on!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / are Bael seeds recalcitrant?
« on: May 08, 2022, 06:21:41 PM »
Just got some bael tree seeds from a fallen fruit at the fruit and spice park.  We still have a week left of our vacation. Can thes dry out or should I store them wet until I get home to Idaho?


We are visiting Florida in early May, and plan to go to Homestead to buy some orchids.  Of course, I want to hit some tropical fruit places also! Where is the best place in the Homestead area to get fruit and seeds? 


So, I tend to get periodic outbreaks of mealy bugs in my greenhouse, and it seems like they bounce back pretty quick after treatment.  This made me wonder, are these NEW bugs, or are they old bugs that have "recovered"?

So I set up an experiment - 4 mealy bugs in 4 little plastic containers.  Each one got a "dose" of a drop of one of four things applied directly to their squishy little bodies- "all season" horticultural oil, alcohol, pyrethrin+sticker, and just because I had some handy, Physan.
I killed the first few by accidentally squashing them, until I started giving them their "dose" while observing through my USB microscope.

The verdict - NOTHING killed them in the first three days.  By day four, only the horticultural oil recipient was dead.  The alcohol bug is very revved up, doing laps in his little container.  Following closely in energy is the Physan bug.  The py+sticker dude is moving weakly, occasionally falling onto his back and waving his little legs, then righting himself again.

They all appeared to lose their waxy coating at first, but once dry, they all gained it back again.
By the time he died, the "Hort Oil Bug" was only about 50% covered with his wax.

Makes me go Hmmm...

Mr. Alcoholic Mealy Bug

I manage a community garden for local refugees.  We have a problem with night time veggie theft (humans) and I want to get a trail camera to try and ID the culprits.
Can anyone recommend a good trail cam with good night vision ability?


Tropical Fruit Discussion / What to do when the power is out...
« on: February 14, 2021, 12:53:29 AM »
So we had a winter storm last night with lots of heavy, wet snow.  Neighbors lost power overnight, so this morning I decided that now would be a good time to finally buy that backup generator we have been talking about for the greenhouse.  The furnaces are gas, but unless the fans are on, the heat piles up in the ceiling, doing the plants little good.

Literally as I was Googling generators, our power went down (just came back on after 14 hours).

Harbor Freight, here we come! Along with half the city...
Got the very last generator (a lady even tried to buy it off of us in the parking lot as we were putting it our car!!!), and had the greenhouse hooked up lickety split. 

Hubby and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner out there in our little seating area, basking in the warmth of the furnace, with a nice glass of wine, the parrots chatting to us and the quail laughing, beneath the only lights in the neighborhood!  Quite fun for Valentine's weekend! 


Hubby and I are almost fully vaccinated, so are heading to Vegas next month.  We hate to gamble, but I am going to jump off the Stratosphere Tower for my 60th birthday.
Does anybody know of any good nurseries in the Las Vegas area?????


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Refrigerated jackfruit seeds
« on: January 29, 2021, 11:59:28 PM »
So, I have great luck sprouting jackfruit seeds, but poor luck keeping seedlings alive. I wanted to try again (being a glutton for punishment), and went the cheap route by buying a slice of jackfruit at our local grocery store.  It had been packaged a week earlier and was in the refrigerated section.  From a $2 slice, I got four seeds, and they all came up!
I thought that was pretty interesting.
Now, if I can just keep them alive!


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Shade paint vs shade cloth
« on: January 12, 2021, 12:03:30 PM »
I am thinking of trying shade paint on my polycarbonate greenhouse this summer instead of shade cloths. Anybody else have experience with shade paint???


I have a few anoles out in my greenhouse to keep the ant population down. I bought them for $3 each at the pet store this summer, and they are a delight to watch as they leap around, licking up pests.

But yesterday, I walked out to my greenhouse and was greeted with one of my high velocity ceiling fans making a whhhrrrrr...TICK......whhhrrrrr...TICK noise.  Looking up, I was horrified to see one of the anoles intermittently flying around inside the fan cage as his poor little body hit the blades.

Screaming, I ran to the breaker and shut everything off, then grabbed a ladder to retrieve the presumably mangled corpse.
But before I could climb up . . . thump. . . the body fell out of the fan grating and onto the ground.

I reached down to pick it up, and boy was I happily surprised when he ran up my arm onto my shoulder!  If a lizard could have a wild look in his eye, this little tyke had one!  His color was a mottled patchwork of green and brown, and he was actually panting, but amazingly, there was not a mark on him!

The only thing I could figure was that he was so lightweight, the fan was just throwing him around instead of chopping him up! I hope he learned his lesson, but I doubt it.

Blessed Thanksgiving!


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Orange flames in my greenhouse wall furnace
« on: October 26, 2020, 11:59:18 PM »
I thought I would share this, in case it happens to someone else -

Our humidity here is very low, and some of my plants aren't happy about that, so I finally decided to do something that may work better than patio misters.  I decided to start with something cheap and low-tech, and built a humidifier out of a sterlite tub and a five-head ultrasonic fogger that floats.

Works like a charm! Yahoo!

But when it came time to turn on my furnces, low and behold, my "blue flame" gas wall furnaces were burning orange.

Danger, danger Will Robinson! Orange flames mean carbon monoxide!

My detector wasn't going off, and my quail weren't dead, but I called our heating guy, who came out with his carbon monoxide sniffer and said everything was fine. He couldn't find anything wrong with the furnaces or explain why the orange flames.

I did a bit of research and found out that ultrasonic humidifiers vaporize whatever sodium particles are naturally in our water supply, which then drift over to the furnace and contact the flames, and harmlessly turn the flames orange!  Chemistry 101...


Temperate Fruit Discussion / Plant/fruit ID?
« on: October 23, 2020, 10:56:09 AM »
This was brought to a friend and the gal thought it was goumi, but I don't think so.
I am getting a description of the seeds/pit and will post when available.

Any ideas?
It is outdoors in Idaho (zone 6) but I don't know if it has survived a winter yet.  May be young bush.



Tropical Fruit Discussion / banana plant premature decline
« on: September 05, 2020, 12:53:58 PM »
So, I have always had great luck with my double mahoi bananas. But the latest pup, now an adult, has declined drastically, and appears to be dying.  Looks just like the normal "end of lifespan" decline, except it has not produced fruit.  It has two healthy pups. It has gotten exactly the same regimen as the others that thrived - plenty of sun, water and fertilizer, but no wet feet.
Do certain specimens sometimes just finish their life without fruiting? It is about 18 months old.



Hi All,
I have a friend who is building a greenhouse next to his new pole barn, which will have hot water radiant floor heating.  For the greenhouse, the contractor said he could lay the pex tubing for radiant floor heat without pouring a concrete pad.  He would cover it with foamboard then bark.
Has anyone done this type of heating in their greenhouse??? Either geothermal or otherwise...



Tropical Fruit Discussion / Fastest-sprouting marulas so far...
« on: July 20, 2020, 01:04:44 PM »
I just planted some of my 7 year old marula seeds, and the first ones sprouted after only 8 days.  Fastest time I have had so far! Three eyes, and all three germinated.

I am getting way better at prying the eyes out of the shells without damaging the papery cover on the seeds, but alas, I am not getting better at preventing stab wounds to my fingers and hands.  The only luck I have had with prying the eye out is with my REALLY sharp pocket knife.  Ouch.

I am trying the theory that seeds with an odd number of eyes are males, and even numbers are females, so I chose my seeds very carefully, and will be marking them accordingly as they grow.  The first ones up are males, if the theory is correct!


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Cheaper pond heater?
« on: July 02, 2020, 09:40:30 AM »
So, just got a letter from the power company that our house uses more electricity than others of our size, and do we want an energy audit.
I know it is the greenhouse, and the biggest energy sucker is the pond heater, so I am hoping someone has an idea for me.
In the winter, the pond water in my greenhouse drops to 50-60 degrees.  Too cold for my tender plants. The pond is 175 gallons, partly underground and partly concrete blocks.
I have tried the following -
1. Running copper piping to my gas furnace, circulating the pond water through it and letting the furnace heat the water.  Made a HUGE mess with condensation and rusted the front of the furnace.
2. Solar heat. Can't heat ENOUGH water to the preferred 70-80 degrees.
3. Tankless water heater. Can't keep the water clean enough and it clogged the lines and burned up the heater.
4. Stock tank heater. Shuts off at too low a temperature.
5. Regular water heater.  Never could find room for it.
6. 300 watt aquarium heater.  Yippee! Works like a charm!  But not very efficient. Just the pond heater costs $20 per month to run.

Is there anything out there that may be more efficient?  Or just call the $20 per month good?


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