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Fruit Trees:
Apricot (Katy), Arabica (potted), Australian Beach Cherry (potted, tiny), Avocados (Carmen, Holiday, Mexicola, Pinkerton, Reed, Sharwil, Stewart), Barbados Cherry, Blueberry (potted Emerald, Sunshine), Cattley Guava (strawberry and lemon), Cherimoya (Knight), Dragon Fruits (cuttings from plants growing over your fence), Feijoas (La Verne varieties), potted Figs (27+ non-sexy varieties), Grapes (Thompson, Venus), Grumichama (potted tiny), Ice Cream Bean (potted), Jaboticabas (potted red and 2 no-name seedlings), Jamaican Cherry (potted), Japanese Raisin Tree (potted dormant or dead), lemon (potted Meyer), Loquat (Big Jim), Mangos (Keitt, 2 seedlings), Monstera (potted outdoor), Mulberry (potted, unknown / not a Shahoot, scammed by a nice lady on CraigsList), Nasturtium, Passion Fruit, Peach (Babcock), Peanut Butter Fruit (potted), Pepino (potted), Persimmon (Jiro),  Pineapples (from crowns), Pitangatuba (potted, tiny), Pomegranate (potted cuttings), Sapodilla (potted Alano, Silas Wood), Soursop (potted, tiny), Star Fruit (potted), Strawberries (Alpine, June and everbearing), Surinam Cherry (red and resinous so far), Tamarillo (potted, struggling), White Sapote (potted Suebelle)
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