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Wanted: Temperate Eriobotrya species - East Asia

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Eriobotrya "Rose Anne" is supposed to flower in spring.
Novak and Shambala are supposed to flower constantly so there will be some flowers in spring too.
I will get Rose Anne soon.

There's a deflexa tree at the dallas arboretum, it fruits and is pretty big, maybe I'll be able to try it sometime.

Are there any commercial sources for deflexa?


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 Do you have any news on this topic?
Finally a received a Rose Anne. It started to flower around Christmas but lost it due to cold weather. I am eager to see if it will flower a second time in spring as promised.

"Novak" is said to flower multiple times so in the spring as well. Unfortunately the scions were sent to me so late, practically in the fall, so I didn't get a graft to take on my loquat seedling. Which then also killed the entire plant because I topped it for the graft.

I grafted a bud to an outdoor apple tree as an experiment which looks like it healed. We'll see in the spring if it grows at all.


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