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For Sale: Asian Persimmon Cuttings (non-astringent)


For Sale::

These cuttings are from an old tree, 40+ yrs, planted in my parents yard. Fruits are non-astringent, larger than fuyu or jiro, very sweet, seedless.

I have some non-astringent asian persimmon cuttings for sale:
1. Cuttings are $5 each
2. Shipping, USPS priority mail, $10
3. Cuttings will be 1/4"-7/16" diameter, length 6"-8" long.
4. Only shipping to lower 48 states
5. Paypal payment only, For Friends and Family.

Send me a PM if interested.

I have the right to refuse sale to anyone.

Here's some photos of the fruits and cuttings.


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