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Dear all,
I am going to remove the end of a mango branch that i suspect has a fungal disease, and i read that spraying copper on the cut can help preventthe spread.
My question is : do we spray immediately after cutting or do we wait till the wound dries a little bit ?
Thanks in advance

Tropical Fruit Discussion / When to start bagging guava fruit?
« on: June 13, 2020, 06:00:37 PM »
Hi guys, this year i decided to bag my guava fruits to protect them from fruit flies.
I am wondering at which development stage should i bag them (currently the tree is flowering and some flowers are setting fruits).
Thank you

Hi all. I noticed two frogs in my garden the other day, and i was wondering whether frogs can be a solution to combat fruit flies (i saw in the net that frog breeders feed fruit flies to their frogs but i don't know if it is relevant in case of combating a fruit fly at the scale of a garden). I have 3 guava trees and i had problems of fruit flies in my guavas the past two years. If this can be a solution, i will try to attract more frogs in the garden.
Apperently a frog can eat 100 insects / night, 10000 / season. I t can be intersting if the fruit flies are reachable to it in the ground.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Tipping Cacao seedling - same as mangoes?
« on: April 18, 2020, 03:15:26 PM »
Hi all. I have 2 cacao seedlings which are 3 feet tall but didn't branch out. I am wondering if i should remove the tips to induce branching like it is the case for mangoes.

Hi all. I am wondering when i can start giving my little girl (2,5 years old) passion fruit? I am mostly concerned by the seed and whether she can process them?
According to your experience, when did you start giving passionfruit to your kids? with or without seeds?

Hi all, one of my passionfruit vines is quite large and many fruits will probably get stuck inside the vine.
I am thinking once the fruits start ripening and dropping to shake the vine once each a few days to drop the stuck fruits inside the vine but i am afraid that this shacking will drop the unripe fruits as well.
My question is the following :
According to your experience, unripe fruits are well attached to the vine? i mean they don't risk to drop easily when i shacke the vine?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Passionflower based honey, any experiences?
« on: October 09, 2019, 03:26:30 PM »
Hi all, i am wondering whether honeybees in passionflower farms can produce a good quality honey?
I tried to find references in internet regarding passionflower based honey but i couldn't find any website speaking about such honey and its benefits.

Hi all. I have a mango seedling that have been flushing at a rate of one flush per month since june (i think 4 flushes).

It reached the height where i want to make the tipping to trigger scaffold branches.
I want to make it now to win a last useful flush (instead of eventually having another vertical flush that will be cut anyway).
Besides, having a fresh flush late in the season will avoid the risk of having flower panicles next january (last year the seedling had 2 small fruitlets at a height of only one foot, and 3 years age).
What i am asking is the following : Is there a risk of doing the tipping now (we will have at least one month of warm weather - october)
Does the fact that it has been flushing since june makes it in a situation of running with an empty tank now, with the risk of having weak lateral flushes if i tip it? (i have been fertilizing it regularly).
Is it safer to let it rest and tip in january?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / No pollen on passionfruit flowers
« on: September 28, 2019, 11:25:26 AM »
Hi all, I want to ask you folks about my passion fruit vines. I have 3 vines planted in the ground, vigourous vines with already many fruits setting. I noticed since 1 week ago that all the flowers have no pollen on them (each day i have around 20 or 30 flowers), in the begining i managed to find 2 or 3 flowers with pollen which are usually hidden under the canopy, but today i couldn't find a signle flower with pollen to make the hand pollination.
Here are some information that may give some clues to this mystery :
- It has been windy for 3 weeks in a row here (could it the wind that is shaking the anthers and the pollen falls ont the ground? even though i doubt this could be the origin of the problem. i find a little trace of pollen on some petals but it is traces only).
- I find a lot of ants on each flower (around 10 ants on each flower), and bees as well (i don't know if ants can eat or transport the pollen and leave the anthers pollen free as if they were washed?) to me this the more likely cause since it is present in the three vines.
- I am witnissing this phenomenon on 3 separate groups of vines in 3 different areas of the garden (each one is formed from 4 or 5 seedling plants so we may consider as they were 12 vines). If it is something related to nutrition, the chances that it happens to all the vines at the same time are very low i think.
- I didn't ferilize the vines this year, but the soil is rich clay and the vines seem to grow well.

Today i didn't find any pollen so i didn't hand pollinate. I profited from this fact and i marked many of today's flowers to see if they will set fruit later. in case the ants turn out to be doing the job for me. I will keep you updated.

Hi all, i am currently Reading about the concept of storing excess rain water into soil instead of letting it go to sewer.
I am wondering if any of you experienced the concept , is it really effective, and what are its limits? 

Hi all. I have a cherimoya tree that i planted last year.I pruned it last year so that it formed 3 scaffold branches (the Y branch you see in front of the tree was used to train the branches in different directions)

2 weeks ago, when the tree defoliated, i pruned it, and now each branch is producing between 8 and 12 side shoots.

I have two questions :
What it is the maximum secondary branches i can keep for each scaffold branch?
If i have to remove some shoots (which is likely the case), when it is best to do it? remove some buds right now to avoid wasting energy or should i wait to see which branches are vigorous in order to keep the most vigorous ones?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Is it ok to do Mango tipping before rain?
« on: March 17, 2019, 08:45:14 AM »
Hier guys. I am going to tip prune my young Mango tree and i Saw in the weather forecast that it is expected to rain After 3 days from now. Should i wait to tip it After the rainy days or is it ok to do it now? because i dont know how much time it takes for a cut (small tip cuts) to heal/deal
 and become non susceptible to cause fungal issues in the contact of rain.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / How thick woodchips layer under mango tree
« on: February 11, 2019, 11:25:19 AM »
Hi guys, how thick can one go regarding woodchips under a mango tree? 8 inches is too much?
The soil 3 feet around the tree is clay but has been mulched for the past two years and the texture is already improved compared to the surrounding soil.

Hi guys, my 3 guava trees started to produce fruit this year and i am racing against fruit fly in order to get fruits before them.
I was wondering what is the earlier stage of ripening you can pick the fruit to let it ripen in the kitchen. I am affraid if i pick it too green it will not ripen after picked.
Here is a photo found in the net where we can have a scale of colors (especially the 3 on the left)

I waited for the fruit to become yellow and found some worms in some of the fruit. Is it ok to pick the fruit at the stage 1 (the darkest green), or it is safer to pick at the stage 2?

Hi guys, all is in the title.
I have a herma papaya tree that got too tall and i am considering topping it. I remember that male papayas can be transformed to female trees by scratching the trunk, topping is clearly a stronger stress on the tree, will it transform the tree to female? Or this sex change thing is only from male trees not hermas?
Has anyone already topped his hermaphrodite papaya so that he can share his experience regarding the sex of the new shoots?

Hi guys, i noticed that on my kent mango, there are buds breaking since 2 or three weeks ago, but still nothing coming out.
How long does it take for you guys generally to see flushes out of the buds after the buds break? is 3 weeks normal?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Mulching with seaweed?
« on: March 27, 2018, 04:21:57 PM »
Hi guys did you try to mulch your trees with seaweed? if so do you wash it before applying it around the trees so that you get rid off the salts or not?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Apical dominance in soursop?
« on: March 02, 2018, 01:28:58 PM »
Hi guys, does soursop have strong apical dominance? or it is not necessary to tip young branches to induce lateral branches?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Soursop trunk growth during dormancy
« on: February 18, 2018, 02:47:09 PM »
Hi all,
Yesterday, i noticed an interesting thing when i was taking a picture of my soursop seedling (potted and inside my stairs room, in front of a big window - almost a greenhouse) : even though vegetative flushes stopped around october (the seedling didn't lose its leaves), the trunk almost doubled its size. I took a picture of almost the same angle to compare the size of the two trunks :

November 2017 :

February 2018 :

I thought that during dormancy every growth stops, i was pleased to find that the trunk became more sturdy during that period.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Cherimoya flush small yellowish leaves
« on: August 16, 2017, 02:42:52 AM »
Hi guys, can you help me figure out why my cherimoya plant started to push flushes with relatively small and yellowish leaves, compared to the first flush of the spring (and to my other cherimoya planted in a more shaded spot). Both of them get watered each 2 days.
This one is in a full sun spot (the sun is pretty hot here), the first flush after i trimmed it had regular leaves, the second flush after i tipped the first flush is like this :

Here it is last april.

My other cherimoya plant in the shade of a papaya and a pomegrenate trees has more normal and deep green leaves :

Could it be the hot temperatures? salt injuries or chlorine (although both of the plants are watered with the same water)? should i water it daily if those are symptoms of underwatered plant since it is in full sun? other clues? thanks in advance.

Hi guys, I am wondering when do you start seeing the effects of the boost in the growth after using liquid fertilizers : drenching and foliar feeding. Mainly for mango trees, but you can speak in general.
Are we speaking about hours? days? weeks? after the foliar feeding?
Are we speaking about days? weeks? after drenching.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / The first tasted fruit of my papaya tree
« on: July 09, 2017, 12:04:01 PM »
Hi guys, after the hard work, comes the reward.
Here is the first fruit i taste from my papaya tree. By the way it the first time i eat a papaya, so i have no comparison reference.

This is the remaining fruits on the tree. There is many fruitlets higher than the picture frame.

The taste of the fruit reminds me of a canteloupe. I didn't notice any bad taste like feet or something like that as i read many similar comments about papaya taste on the internet. The red parts were more tasty than the orange parts, i guess i should have let it ripen 2 or 3 more days on the tree so that all the flesh becomes red? But the overall taste is not bad, especially when i added citrus juice to it when scooping with a spoon. I have no idea which variety it is.
Zone pushing rocks!

Hi guys,
I had a cherimoya tree last fall in an exchange meeting, i didn't ask the person who gave it to me if it was grafted or not.

Since it is pushing new branches now, as low as 1 inch from the ground till 2 feet high, i was wondering whether the following spot is a grafting point ?

If the tree is grafted, then i imagine that i have to cut off the lower branches. But if it is not a graft point, then could i leave the lowest branche which starts 1 inch from the ground?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Soursop seedling hardening off?
« on: April 10, 2017, 01:58:41 PM »
Hi guys,
I want to take your advice on my soursop seedling. The seed was planted on may 2016 , taken from a fruit from ivory coast. The seedling grew way better than my "may 2015" seedling. It is now 1 foot tall (the same height than the 1 year older seedling).
It lost its leaves during winter, and is now pushing auxiliary flushes (they seem to be lateral branches not single leaves).

I want to plant it in the ground in the best sheltered spot of my garden which i have been mulching since last fall  (in a corner against a south facing wall, surrounded by two established papayas and 3 established citrus trees), and I wonder whether I can transplant it now while it is breaking dormancy or should I wait till it grows leaves before planting it outside.

In each case, I am going to harden it off, but i don't know if it is easier to harden off a little stump with breaking buds or a leafy little stump. I would like to plant it the soonest possible to profit from the longuest growing period in the ground.
Weather information : From now on, the temps won’t drop under 50 F and max 80 F... before summer hits.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / My puggged kent mango tree
« on: March 31, 2017, 02:35:08 AM »
Hi guys,
 4 weeks ago,  i pugged my mango tree (kent) which was in ground since august 2015.
Here it was before the pugging. leggy, skinny and high (starting at 5 ft) scaffold branches. Last year I had trouble with stunted growth on them so I drenched it with a mix 5% zinc  5% manganese three times since last autumn.

Last February, Two weeks after a hard cold spell (the coldest of the winter) the leaves showed multiple damage (I think a cocktail of freeze damage, salt burn and may be fungal disease, but I am not sure).

Anyway, at the beginning of march, when I noticed buds breaking all over the scaffold branches, I decided to pug it to a stump at 4 ft high in order to promote healthier and more sturdy scaffold branches.

Here it is now with multiple flush points all over the trunk (above the graft point).

My question is the following : knowing the state of the old (removed) leaves, is there a risk for the new growth to suffer from fungal diseases ? If so should I apply as prevention a systemic  fungicide or sulphur or whatever (i prefer not to, but if i have to i will do it because i don't want to gamble with the scaffold branches)? If so at which state of development can I spray the fungicide?
Weather information to assess the fungal risk : yesterday we had rain, and next week we are expecting 3 or 4 rainy days, the temps are between min 53 F and max 70 F.

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