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Sats are still solid green.

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My sats(Kimbrough and Owari) are still green as grass. Last year not ripe until Christmas.

I don't know about North Carolina  maturity dates, but I have relatives in Mobile, AL and their Owari Satsuma fruit are normally ready  mid- to late-November. During relatively warm falls Satsumas are ready to eat slightly before the peel turns completely orange. Try a few as the season progresses, so you can better judge the best time to harvest. - Millet

Is Owari an early cultvar?? There are also 2 months of difference among the cultivars....
Anyway, even if more bitter, you can eat also when are light green (before turning orange) !!!

As Millet said above in Alabama ( SE USA ) they mature before our freezing weather of winter. Other Satsuma type fruit like Gold Nugget and others mature in spring after winter is over. Gold Nugget fruit would be very difficult to keep from freezing here in Alabama. Usually we don't have a bad freeze until December. We do have to provide protection during temps below 25* F but the fruit is long gone. There might be somebody in Alabama or similar areas growing citrus that would mature the next spring but it would be on a very small scale and I don't know of anybody. Florida is further south and they grow fruit and citrus that mature in late winter and spring.

I guess the answer to your question depends on your seasons and what you call early and late ! I hope that was clear and not just more confusing. Tom

I know all this. If y'all look at my original post, I was making a statement, not a question. Mine ripen later than everyone else's south of me because my spring starts later and my summers are cooler. My peaches don't even ripen until September.


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