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Planting seeds of Citrus Bergamia

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Hi all,

I am curious: a couple of months ago, I planted two seeds of Bergamot Orange (citrus bergamia) that are now seedlings. That said, it was before
I was made aware that this citrus doesn't grow true to type... So my question is -if they were to survive and thrive till maturity- what would be the type of citrus that they would have? What type of fruit would it produce if it flowers and bears fruit?

The smell from these seedling leaves is quite different from those of lemon trees. Also, both seedlings don't have thorns.

Many thanks,

The scent of Bergamia is pretty distinct. If yours match that scent, it is going to be very similar. If the scent is only somewhat the same ( weaker ), that is another clue.
If your seedlings are either  identical, or quite different that will tell your more.
You could have variable seedlings from self pollination, or from crossing to another Citrus.
Since Bergamia are mainly grown as ornamentals or for perfumery, not edible fruit, you could get something interesting.

I can tell the leaves smell distinct from what I've encountered with Lemon and orange trees. That said, I don't have a Bergamot tree yet (will receive it mid-October after a long time searching for one). I'll do the smell comparison between the seedlings and this tree. Will do an update here once I have an idea.

I think it's worth it to grow both of them to see how they will come up in a few years. The mystery is kind of appealing, and I have yet to find people who have grown them from seeds on the internet (at least no update after a couple of years).

I've attached some pictures of both seedlings.


Conventional wisdom is that bergamot is largely monoembryonic, i.e. that offspring should be zygotic/sexual. I'm growing some from seed, but mine are about as far along as yours :)

If we end up with a cross between Bergamot and another citrus, it might also be an exciting plant! I also saw that Bergamot is self-pollinating so that could mean that seeds have the full genetic of the mother tree.

Nice, are you able to share some closeup of your seedlings?



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