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Kumquats seedlings dying

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Many of my Kumquat seedlings are dying. I think I do not keep them too wet or too dry. What could be the reasons?

Maybe its a light issue. I imagine things are a bit dark in Germany this time of year, especially in doors.

Do you have pictures of any of them in the dying process? There may be something visually significant for diagnosis, but I'm not quite sure. I've had little trouble with most citrus seedlings, at all times of year and in all kinds of media. Sometimes there do seem to be weaker seeds or bad conditions transiently, but it's difficult to just make a guess out of nowhere. Fungal issues, excess cold, too much light, and drying out completely are the issues I've had besides things which seemed to just be not viable in the first place.

(Now, my experiences with Citropsis and with Aegle marmelos run quite the other direction!)

kumquat seedlings need more and brighter light to grow and because the grow so slowly they are much more prone to damp off

The seedlings are starting to wilt and then die. I don't think it's a light issue.


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