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Amalfi Coast Lemon ID

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I bought this lemon (at a steep price :'( ) in a specialized fruit market, and they were labelled as "Amalfi Coast Lemons". They are not
the "giant" Amalfi Lemons I'm dying to find, but I'm still curious to know the exact variety. They have a big "nipple," which reminds me of Santa Therasa lemons, but those aren't from Amalfi. I've attached pictures of the fruit and one of its dried leaves to see if anyone here would know the exact name of this lemon. Trying to grow from seed!  :D


That fruit looks correct.


--- Quote from: sc4001992 on November 29, 2023, 04:46:33 PM ---That fruit looks correct. I heard that they are not all the giant size fruits.

I will post a few green fruits and leaves for you to compare.

--- End quote ---

Do you have an Almalfi lemons tree? Where were you able to find it in the US? I haven't seen nay place in North-America that carries it. That's why
I'm planning to grow it from seeds.


As far as I know (from the literature, not from personal experience and according to notes that I once made for myself), the Femminello Sfusato variety is used for growing PGI "Limon Costa di Amalfi" (aka: Costa d'Amalfi, Amalfitano, Amalfitana, Amalfi) and which is sometimes called Sfusato Amalfitano.

It looks like a regular Eureka lemon to me.


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