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Looking for Lula avocado seeds

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Hello, I am trying to source avocado seeds of the "Lula" variety.  I don't know if the season is over now but if you can help please let me know.  I can cover shipping or we can work something out.

All the best.


I saw some in Winn Diexie a few weeks ago. May be past the season.

Is your issue with root stock sodium in the water, temperature or both?

Salts.  Here we can grow avocados that are cold hardy into the teens but they have trouble with soil salinity apparently and chlorosis when on their own roots.

I was in my grove today and stopped by a fruit stand. They had Lulas for $2.00 each. Expensive is the end of the season.

For salt issues I understand that Waldin is better than Lula. Lula is more cold resistant.   At some point in time I think I will top work two  trees with Lula and Waldin,  I get a lot of request for seeds.

Probably this year I may have fruit from a variety called Berta Rodriguez. It should be good for root stock in your location. Check it out in my web  It was found growing in a coastal area among mangroves If I have fruit I can send you a seed for you to test there.


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