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Looking for Giant Moss – Dawsonia superba


Found in Australia, New Guinea, Malaysia and New Zealand. It’s literally moss... but it grows to two feet tall! (I know it’s not a fruit, but it’s not a vegetable either, so I posted here for visibility). Is there anybody here on the forum living or traveling near its distribution range? I’d like to get my hands on some spores.

Mike T:
Usually shorter than that and there is carpets of the stuff above 700m in my area. They look like little pine trees and often grow straight out of granite. When you bring a flat rock or fallen timber down to the lowlands they don't last long. 34c down to 26c and absolute humidity here would wipe them out but at 1200m up on the rainy rainforest mountain conditions are more friendly. They can shrivel when dry and spring back to full glory after rain.

Can I trouble you for some spores? Or a live dry sample? Or both? I have a cool patch in my side yard where I hope they might thrive.

I'd also be interested in this.

I think I got scammed. I received a pm from a “user” that apparently doesn’t have an account (listed as “guest” under the username, which I didn’t notice at the time). Told me about another user that apparently had the giant moss available, with an email address.

I messaged him, then purchased from him a couple of weeks ago. He seemed a bit rushed to get me to complete the purchase (and show screenshots of payment), even reduced the price from $35 to $20. I had to pay via PayPal’s “friends and family” setting for immediacy. Said he’d email me the shipping details. Haven’t heard from him since, despite emailing back a couple of times.



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