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Sorry I don't know about those varieties CarolinaZone or if it varies for grafted/nongrafted. Mine is grafted, and I just leave it alone and it fruits fine.

Glad you figured out the variety puglvr1. Fruit usually ripens here in fall, last year it started early October, will see how things go this year with hurricane season.

Thinking of ordering trees from Ison's next season, They don't have a huge selection but seem reasonably priced (the local nurseries mostly start at $50+ anymore). Thinking of just 2 varieties spaced far apart so that seeds won't be an issue.

If anyone else has good online tree sources, would be interested to know.

Hi RS, yeah me too  :) ...I'm glad I know the variety now than having to wait till next year or more to find out what I have. I purchased my Fuyu from a nursery that is located in north central FL but their prices for Persimmon trees start at $55 but his trees are very healthy and good size. They just happen to come to the MRFC Rare Fruit Tree Sale that was held in Lakewood Ranch back in early May and I was glad because it was closer for me to drive there than their nursery north of Orlando.

Bovine, I'm sorry to hear that your last fruit dropped, it was good size too. I wouldn't have guessed that once they get that size they can still drop? Best of luck that next year will be better.

"Are the buds only supposed to be on the new growth?"
CarolinaZone, I found this link that does say "Persimmon forms only on new growths",petaled%20flowers%2C%20typically%20creamy%20white. 

Well my mystery variety was solved, upon very careful inspection of my tree I noticed a tiny fruit on the one that didn't have a label, and once I saw the shape of the fruit I knew immediately it could not be a Fuyu and had to be the 'chocolate' variety due to the acorn shape. The tiny fruit has since fallen off on its own but was so glad I found out the variety sooner rather than later...

Here's the picture of the fruit before it fell off  :-\  Definitely not a Fuyu

Also my Fuyu had one tiny fruit on it and this one definitely looks like the Fuyu variety due to the shape of the fruit...

RS, its great to see your tree bloomed and set fruits considering you are in Zone 9b/10a. Hopefully that means I should get enough chilling hours to for mine to set fruit hoping next season  :)

Please update when yours starts to ripen...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Terrible season
« on: May 16, 2022, 02:15:39 PM »

Same here (Highlands County) NO mango at!! 5 Mango trees and all the blooms were fried by the freeze in Feb. I only saw 5 or 6 lychee fruits  :-\, they only survived because the blooms were on the inside canopy of the tree  ::), the birds should eat those before they ripen. Last year was a bumper crop for me, had SO many I was giving them away to all my neighbors after I had my fair share.

I was planning on going to the Mango Mania in July but with the price of gas I would spend almost $40 just to get there and back Lol...might have to visit the local produce store and hope they will have some home grown mangoes for sale here from south FL... going to be a bad mango year for me, I hope 2023 will be much better and NO freeze! One day is all it took to wipe out my whole Mango/Lychee season **sigh** :'(

You guys with mangoes this year, enjoy it and think of us poor members as you are enjoying them  ;)

@puglvr1, sorry I can't help ID. Mine drops leaves in winter. Haven't pruned, but the variety I have is supposed to be dwarf (8' max, currently just under 6') and hasn't needed any pruning. Good luck with your trees!

Thanks RS! Good luck with your trees also!


Planted a couple of Persimmon trees, one I planted 3 weeks ago but not sure if it is a 'Chocolate' or 'Fuyu' because the nursery I bought it from only had 2 different varieties for sale and the one that looked the healthiest didn't have a label (of course) so I have a 50/50 chance of one or the other? Does anyone know if you can tell by the leaves which variety it might be? The label on the tree now I asked him for just to have came off another tree  ;) The other one I planted just 4 days ago is definitely a Fuyu bought that at a pretty reliable nursery where all of their trees were labeled.

This is the one in question Chocolate or Fuyu? Can you tell or do I have to wait for fruits?

Wrapped the tree in a small fencing due to deer around my yard eating plants  :'(

This is the Fuyu with the label and about a foot taller that the one above...

I've also added mulch around the tree since that picture was taken...the nursery I bought it from said to add some "light" fertilizer 2-3 times/year during Feb-Sept.

Nice to hear they can fruit in Zone 9b, Great pics everyone and thanks for sharing your experience.

Do you guys do some light pruning during dormancy period Dec or January? Do all the leaves drop even here in Florida and go completely dormant. It is my very first time trying to grow Persimmons. Thanks all!!

Bovine, best of luck with your first possible harvest!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Im doing a Live Q/A tonight on YouTube
« on: January 30, 2022, 12:57:05 PM »

Enjoyed the Video, thanks for doing that for all of us... It was great!!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: South/Central Florida Cold Fronts
« on: January 30, 2022, 12:38:53 PM »
dwfl and orkine - Thankyou!

Should I cut of the dead blooms or just leave them?

Not an expert but I would remove the dead blooms or at least the ones you can reach, I can't imagine that would hurt especially if it is truly dead. You might even see a second bloom since we still have a few more weeks of colder weather (possible?)


I hope you guys fared okay and the trees made it okay...

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: South/Central Florida Cold Fronts
« on: January 30, 2022, 10:40:44 AM »

Official low for me this morning was 28.2 and was 32 and below for about 5 hours, I'm sure I will lose the blooms on my tree, the Glenn was full of blooms and my Cogshall had just a few...others haven't started. My lychee had blooms too so I'm assuming those are going to die also  :(...still a freeze warning for me for tomorrow but not predicted to be as cold as today...fingers crossed!!


It definitely won't hurt to try and protect them. I had mid to upper 20's back in 2009 and I covered my trees with frost cloths but it didn't save the pannicles, but you are going to be warmer so maybe it will help...I'm sure I'm going to lose all the pannicles that are on the tree now, though I have 3 mango trees that haven't started to bloom yet... we are expected to be 28 degrees Sunday morning and 32  Monday morning.  The trees are all too big to protect so I'm just hoping the trees will survive!! Best of luck to all!

But...the good news is these mango trees survived believe it or not  ;), I lost 2 Lychee trees that year and a 2 very small mango trees.

If you can try doubling or even triple on the thickness of the frost cloth the thicker it is the more protection it will be, of course depending on the size of the tree will determine how much protection you can give it...

Still have10 Orange Sherbert hang on the tree. My observations are it is very pick friendly. We picked one in early June when it turned from green to light green.It took 13 days to ripen and was very good. We had it when it's nose turn yellow.Which is a sign to pick and it was excellent. I had one that had a little internal breakdown in the bottom. That part was good like  orange pudding. I had one that was a drop or that got bumped and it was excellent. I think Weiss613 assessment of this mango is quite accurate.
I have one little gem hanging on the tree.The one's I had earlier in the season were sweet but not impressive. Starting to get a little bit of buyers remorse. The one i had just an hour ago change that. It  definitely had West Indian flavor. Actually the West Indian sitting next to me said it taste like Mango Palwi. That mango is on the Helen of the West Indies. Which is Saint Lucia.
Sweet tart what can I say. I like them when they turn yellow on the tree. A half Walmart bag has a lot of bartering power. I got guavas and pineapple.Also a Maha Chanok 8)

Mango Bellini made with Welch's sparkling grape juice. Oh so good! 😎
Okay why not Barbados cherry juice Bellini

That drink looks yummy! Care to share the recipe   :)...Thanks!!


Though I am in Zone 9b, just thought I would share my experience...I have a very small Keitt mango tree even though it is 14 years old Lol...planted it in a not so great location and gets very little sun, we removed a tree in Feb that was causing all the shade on the Keitt... and the tree now gets a little more sun than before. Last year it did not produce because I pruned it late in the fall. This year however it has about 15 or so mangoes on it. A few have some blushing due to now getting some direct sun. Mine are also "rock hard" but decided to pick one just to see "if" it would ripen on the counter. It took about 6-7 days and it softened up a bit and decided to cut it last night and it sure was delicious!! Very sweet and tasted great, the color of the skin never got any more yellow, pretty much stayed the shade of green but it did soften up. Since that one ripened I picked another one yesterday and will do the same. It ripened in a 78 degree pantry/counter with no issues...

I am also doing the same thing with my Mahas...picking 2 or 3 at a time and letting them ripen on the counter and they have been ripening just perfectly in 4-7 days.

Every year around this time, the area underneath my Mango trees usually has a good layer of dead mango leaves from the year's growth. Is it okay to leave it for mulch or do you rake it up once a year and discard it? I've always wondered if dead mango leaves are good for mulching the tree, my trees are appx 11-14 years old. Thanks for any help and feedback

I have a few these fallen mangoes on the ground...they really do a number on them. When they are finished all that's left are the clean seed and the peel  :o

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Add Bees to the list of Mango Lover...
« on: July 17, 2021, 10:30:28 AM »
I definitely have my fair share of critters that love my mangoes, but today I found a mango still hanging on the tree with bees munching on in  ::)...I'm not upset, I love bees as they are the best pollinators so I'm willing to share with them  ;)


Oh, sorry about that! I didn't even notice you are living in NY!! You could try growing a potted mango inside during the winter with grow lights but it is a challenge! Best of luck!!


Wanna sell some i want some mango pickles haha

Lol...I'd give you some but it is super easy to make, really!! They are super yummy  ;D

So, so sorry that happened to your mangoes!! I love pickled mango...there are a lot of recipes out there usually calls for vinegar, sugar, water and some red pepper flakes ( I like my pickled mango spicy!). I eat them like "pickles"! It's a great side dish to have with a sandwich or even with dinner. They stay crunchy... semi sweet, slightly sour tasting. Refrigerate the jar of pickled mangoes and it lasts a few weeks in the fridge. I really like eating them this way, especially when I have a lot of extra mangoes.

On a side note, I just made some delicious Mango muffins and mango bread with the ripe mangoes. You can also make ice cream topping with the ripe mangoes. I have soooo many ripe mangoes I'm running out of ideas and people to give them too...not a bad problem to have for a change  ;)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Maha Mango...
« on: July 12, 2021, 09:37:01 AM »

Hi John, all my Keitts are several weeks from ripening also. I've never tasted PPK' day!

They are having a mango mania this weekend in Pine Island/Cape Coral area, I hope they have enough mangoes to sell  ;)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 1 Mango, 1 Rat, 2 Cats
« on: July 11, 2021, 11:13:58 AM »

Lol...great video!!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Maha Mango...
« on: July 11, 2021, 10:29:04 AM »
Last year, my Maha tree didn't have any fruits at all...had very few blooms and those fell off for some reason. This year seems much better.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Maha Mango...
« on: July 10, 2021, 02:25:36 PM »

Thanks Rob and John! Yes, I might be one of the few left with green mangoes  ;)...I guess I'm about 2-3 weeks behind South FL. I'm okay with it, it prolongs my mango season especailly since my magoes have produced sooooo many mangoes this year, I don't even care that the critters are eating them, it's the first time I've had more than I can eat and give away Lol...bumper crop this year for sure!!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Maha Mango...
« on: July 10, 2021, 09:21:06 AM »
Anyone's Maha mangoes ripe yet in Florida? All of mine are still green.

Most of my Glenns are gone, just a few left...a little bit more Cogshall left and of course my Keitt are still green( mine usually ripens in Aug/Sept).

I'm planning on picking the Mahas as soon as I see some light yellowing and finish ripening in the house to beat the critters from eating them all.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2021 Lychee Season
« on: June 07, 2021, 09:07:13 AM »

Scored some lychees from a neighbor that doesn't like them  :o...great for me Lol...
I think these are sweethearts? Picked about 10 lbs or so  ;)

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