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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2023 Mango Season
« on: June 16, 2023, 02:37:47 PM »

Love my Glenn also, it's my favorite mango in my yard. Mine have been excellent this year, most likely because we haven't had much rain, NO rain at all for the month of June so I think it has helped from making them bland from too much rain. We had more rain in May which is not normal, usually we don't get much rain here till June and July. Middle of June and 0 inches so far  :'(

Does the rain impact the flavor of the Glenn only while the tree is blooming and producing fruit? Or would a wet Autumn cause fruit to be bland?

Until this morning I had a grand total of one Mature size Maha Chanock hanging on my tree. Found it on the ground with what looks like bird beak marks on one side. It was hard and totally pithy inside so I am not so sure it would have made it to ripeness.

Question - who bags their fruit on the tree, at what stage and does it do any good? I need this info for use next season. Thanks

It's been two weeks since I repotted the tree and it now has new growth shooting out from almost every node. And the foliage is looking nice and green.

So the original planting in the ground, coffee grounds, etc that apparently over-acidified the soil was the problem. I'm gonna let this one live in that 5 gal pot for a year or so then find a spot in the yard for it.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: 2023 - mango experience
« on: June 11, 2023, 08:52:51 PM »
My ratio is getting much better.

I've had Choc Anon, "kidney' mango from Pine Island and they score 9/10 for me in taste.
Went to St. Pete farmers market today and had Kew Savoy, Mai Mun Khun Si (seller insisted Mai Mun Khun Si) and both were soooo good!

I live in St Pete - which farmer's market did you go to? Where is it located?

I didn't think of this earlier, but do you know if it is normal for this variety to have a cupped leaf? It is actually a characteristic of some citrus varieties to do that: Orlando Tangelo for example.
That's a good question, I don't know if it is normal. These are my first mandarin trees and in my preparation, I never read anything to suggest they were naturally cupping. Even so, some of this cupping does seem extreme. I'm inclined to trust Millet that it is weather stress.

Hi Travillion, here is a link I found that mentions folded leaves of the DaisySL Mandarin, with pictures of the foliage that show the leaves are somewhat folded. So, I wouldn't worry too much but it's a good idea that you moved it to a shady spot. Good luck!

FYI, for those who know about citrus rootstocks - my Sugar Belle has a US897 rootstock which I understand produces a dwarf or semi-dwarf tree. It doesn't appear that this rootstock makes the tree more HLB tolerant.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Is my M4 a M4?
« on: June 04, 2023, 07:37:29 PM »
K-3 is Kathy. Different flavor profile (Indochinese vs Coconut)

OK thanks.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Is my M4 a M4?
« on: June 04, 2023, 07:02:48 PM »
Is the M4 also called Kathy?

My replacement Sugar Belle arrived yesterday, and it's going in the ground today. I'll do my best to not screw this one up.  ::)

There is real fear of more government control and interference. To me, that fear is totally legitimate.

It's not just a legitimate fear, it's happening as we speak. The Leftist/Globalists in charge in America (currently = the Biden administration) have declared war on petroleum, and they have exaggerated and weaponized climate change to help them put the petroleum producers out of business. Biden announced his contempt for petroleum during his 2020 campaign, and whoever is in charge in the White House is carrying through with it.

They don't care one bit that the price of gasoline at the pump has tripled in some areas since 2020, and more than doubled everywhere else. They tell Americans to buy $75,000 electric cars when most Americans are doing well to hold onto the ICE car they've been driving for years. Now it's gas lawn tools, gas stoves, gas grills and gas heating for homes they want to outlaw.

They want us to believe that climate change, which I believe in, is due to the burning of fossil fuels, which is a lie. They don't want us to notice that "green energy" isn't so green after all when you consider the fact that solar panels and batteries contain heavy metals and other toxic waste for which they haven't figured out how to get rid of when the solar panels and batteries have expired. I do know that millions of tons of it is continually being dumped in Africa, because America hasn't figured out what to do with it. Yet more and more of it is being manufactured and sold.

So when I speak with or read the ad nauseum copy/pastes from people who have bought into this absurdity, I don't mind one bit calling them out as sheep who are too blind to see what is really at play or to know when an agenda is being pushed up their dirt chute. They appear to be fond of being controlled, told what is and what isn't. I'm not one of them and I'm proud of it.

Don't worry, it's just around the corner. Any day now. Hold on tight and buy an EV.

I dug it up today, gave the root ball a rinse in a bucket of rinwater and put it in a 5 gallon pot with fresh Miracle Gro cactus/citrus potting soil (with perlite), and sat it in the shade. Maybe this will wake it up and begin growing once again.

I may have to agree with shot and say cool this down, it is getting personal.

These calls for chill and decorum need to include a call for ceasing the blatant partisan political stumping or it's not going to work. A couple of comments up somebody's posting an article calling for voting for Trump in the title, and that other guy is yelling about the "Looney Left" again while linking to some editorial fluff as a straw man argument about what he believes people with an opposing viewpoint to be like as a whole. Can we ask people to stop that crap too? It doesn't have squat to do with growing anything.

It's exhausting. Nobody else is here for this political horses***; we're trying to get and share info to grow our plants. But it sure seems like a subset of folks uncritically think that their particular brand is the One Truth and everyone else is automatically an idiot, and they're not afraid to say it loudly and repeatedly. Meanwhile the fact is that there are a lot of people here from different countries and of different political persuasions (including apolitical) who don't appreciate their hyper-local partisan "us vs. them" b.s.

The "own the libs" brand of hot trash where everyone who disagrees with the groupthink must be a "leftist" (or whatever it is this week) is particularly exhausting to deal with. Especially when trying to discuss non-political, factual content.

And that's the core issue that occurred here: Hard science about climate topics (which very definitely relates directly to growing tropical fruit trees in marginal environments) is only political/religious for this one single group; to the rest of us it's non-political and the same as discussing anything else related to agriculture like soil science or pathogenic bacteria. And the rest of us might disagree but we generally do so based on actual evidence and are open to having our viewpoint changed.

Meanwhile, you could post a series of satellite data showing changes in storms off the Florida coast in the last thirty years or something, with no commentary whatsoever, just hard un-processed data, and some of those other people are going to respond to it like it's a political attack which is insane person behavior.

They can't discuss any of this in good faith, because they just won't respond to anything that could actually disprove anything they believe. At least, they won't respond with factual content. Political slurs, straw man arguments, yeah sure they'll do those. They're doing that in this thread. Look at it: these guys are having a discussion with themselves about how stupid their perceived opposition are and making up arguments for them that nobody here is actually making. And you won't find a single case of one of them posting any actual evidence as support for their beliefs, they're just yelling about how everyone else with a different viewpoint is stupid and agenda-driven while shoving their own agenda down everyone else's throats. You cannot have real civility or productive discussion when people are acting like that.

If you want actual civility that includes a variety of viewpoints (which is generally a good thing to have when trying to solve problems, and a lot of this forum is about problem-solving when it comes to a highly specific skillset) then these guys need to grow up and learn to keep their personal politics to themselves.

I'm sttill trying to figure out if this is a backpedal, a cartwheel, or a hissy fit. Regardless, it's entertaining so please keep posting. LOL!

There are fruit bats in Florida, I believe.

Freeze this thread!!!!!

Not until we all read this National Science Foundation funded paper that is of utmost importance to all of us!

The idiotic notions that emanate from the Loony Left are absolutely boundless.

Here's another:

This tree has been in the ground nearly 4 months now. Sugar Belle's are notoriously fast growers, yet it hasn't put on any new growth since it was planted. The tangerine I planted at the ame time has had two flushes of growth in the same timeframe.

This is a fruit forum.

Indeed. I've got a few bananas I need to pick. More later.

Citrus General Discussion / Re: Is this pot big enough?
« on: May 28, 2023, 08:41:22 AM »
Nooooooo 😩 I tried to repot it and the soil was mostly big rocks and sand.  So I tried spraying it off so I didn’t hurt the roots. When I put it in the pot the bottom 1/4-1/3 fell off! And took these roots with it. Also I was given miracle grow garden box soil instead of garden soil to put it in which had quite a bit of a large bark pieces in it. And I added about 1/3 perlite and  sent it to a little cooler climate by about 15 degrees. The question now is it going to live?

It will live.

Is what you're holding in your hand all that fell off the root ball? If so don't worry about it, but if more than that came off you might consider cutting the foliage back just a little to balance the root system with the top.

Science is helpful as long as it's real, unfettered, unbiased and unpoliticized science, and not agenda-driven. Much of the research used to promote the climate change scare has been proven by numerous respected scientific bodies around the world to be extremely flawed, skewed and downright fraudulent. And the doomsday projections from decades ago have never occurred.

Sad to say, it's pretty plain to see that people have been spoon fed this climate doom and gloom for so long they accept whatever  comes across the television or the news feed on their phone, and will not listen to or accept any other scientific view, opinion or fact presented to them. They just keep slurping the Kool-Ade and repeating what they've heard.

Quite a bit of ink spilled here on what is likely nothing more than a clogged sewer drain, but it's been really entertaining to see how quickly some people can work their bowels in an uproar over it!  ;D

I worry for Canada, the North Pole has been a barrier between them and communism…

Good one!  ;)   LMAO

Now it's been 3 weeks since I dug the tree up and replanted in the same spot using fresh native soil. I have not seen any change or growth since except that it looks paler than it did. I am going to dig it up again and put it in a pot. Maybe it will respond, and if it does I'll plant it on the side of the house. I just ordered a new Sugar Belle which will get planted in the same spot as the other one.

All those damn "scientists" and their worthless "PhDs"!  Just trying to make money by scamming us.  Why don't they get real jobs?  >:( >:( >:(

Some of those smartass PHD's are now telling us that climate change is racist. There's no end to the bullshit flowing from academia these days regarding climate change.

It's really about protecting their jobs, keeping the government funding coming in, to fund those paychecks. Tell them what they want to hear. Wonderful arrangement.

Oh, there's much more to it than that but for the sake of this discussion I'll skip it.  ;D

Is anyone seeing a lot of (or more than in the past) water accumulation in your neighborhood?  My street never had this issue before, I specifically bought a house that wasn't in a flood zone, but this rainy season is different.  Huge puddles are flooding the streets.  It seems like climate change is here.  Also the cold weather today is strange for this time of year.

Julie, if having puddles in Miami means climate change is there, then climate change isn't 350 miles away in St pete, where there are piles of dry sand that's been blown freely by the wind because we have almost no rain at all. What used to be our lawns is now a crunchy mass of dead matter that sounds like you're walking across corn flakes.  ;D

That is Climate Change, the two events are linked.
The rain and weather patterns change or shift in time or geography, or the drought / rain cycle frequency changes.
Last Year was a very wet year here in Australia, this year it is already much drier, little rain.
Also the rain pattern here has move from winter rain to summer rain, similar to further north.
Disaster for grape and stone fruit farmers, with increased fungi and moulds.

That's climate change? Really?  ;)

I've lived in Florida my entire life, and I've seen floods and I've seen droughts. I've seen 100 degree+ temperatures decades ago and I've seen 16 degrees in Central Florida. All this in a span of 65+ years. What we are seeing in Florida right now, we have already seen it decades ago. It's weather, it's cyclical. Climate change - real climate change not the kind that CNN, NatGO and the Weather Channel hype constantly - takes place so slowly that no living human lives long enough to notice it or record it. But that won't stop the university "scientists" who have been politicized so as to keep the funding in place for their "studies", the results of which somehow dovetail perfectly with what we hear from every Chicken Little in the country. These are the same people who told us back in the 1970's that the planet was going to freeze solid and kill everything we humans need to eat.

Sorry to disagree, but I am a native Floridian and I come from a few generations of native Floridians who have more smarts and common sense and lived longer than a lot of these fakes who spew climate change non-stop.

Is anyone seeing a lot of (or more than in the past) water accumulation in your neighborhood?  My street never had this issue before, I specifically bought a house that wasn't in a flood zone, but this rainy season is different.  Huge puddles are flooding the streets.  It seems like climate change is here.  Also the cold weather today is strange for this time of year.

Julie, if having puddles in Miami means climate change is there, then climate change isn't 350 miles away in St pete, where there are piles of dry sand that's been blown freely by the wind because we have almost no rain at all. What used to be our lawns is now a crunchy mass of dead matter that sounds like you're walking across corn flakes.  ;D

I can tell you that the Suger Belle grows fast like a weed. Fastest growing citrus tree I've ever seen. I am about to buy another one to replace the one I ruined when I planted it (long story). That one, when I got it was a tiny twig with only a few leaves. Before I could get it in the ground it had grown half a dozen branches and the foliage was a foot in diameter. 3 weeks time for this.

For those who have them in the ground and not covered with citrus screening to keep out the HLB bug, are you not seeing any sign of greening at all? If so I think I'll keep the new one I plan to buy out in the open. It's much easier to care for, and I won't have to see that unsightly screening poking up out of my yard.

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