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Thanks for the feedback everybody. I am waiting for the last Vino Tinto fruit to ripen up. I'll get caught up with messages ASAP.

Got seeds quick and packed well!! Any advice on germinating reticulata seeds? Other annonas seem to sprout well enough but all my attempts at reticulatas ended up getting worms in the seeds. Not giving up yet, im derermined to get some custard apple trees to go for me!

I normally just give them 12-24 hour soak in water and then throw them in a pot. Sometimes they take a little while.

Hey Josh -
Just wondering if the update applies to your Pitomba seeds as well - still have a few leftovers?


Nothing right now. There are a few small seedless fruit here and there and a bunch of immature and even some flowers. Hopefully some seeded stuff pops up.

I still have seeds left if anyone is interested. I should be caught up with the messages and shipping at this point. If I missed you send me another PM or comment. Thanks! - Josh

Any idea on the number of vendors and variety expected?  Last show I attended was 2017 and 2018 and was great selection and attendance.

I'm not sure. I don't know if the vendor list is on the Facebook page or not. There should be around 20 but I am out of the loop since I am no longer an officer in the club.


I have still have Otto/Vino Tinto/Reticulata seeds available. I have been busy with work right now and will get back to everyone by tomorrow. Thanks! - Josh

Got the PMs. It seems to be working fine right now. Thanks everybody.

Pm sent!

I didn't get it. I'll send you a message and feel free to do the same.

Rest assured you'll be getting quality seeds and service when buying from Vernmented.

Josh, Your one of the best!

Thank you! I appreciate the business.

I'm giving this another bump. Sale this Sunday!

Hey Josh, is this the vino tinto SSVT?  how was the flavor and fruit quality?

It was pretty good. Creamy, low grit, slightly banana-y maybe. I haven't eaten enough top reticulata to give a great comparison. The interesting leaves and shape is definitely in draw especially for breeding I would think. This is the SSVTS which might just be the same as the Vino Tinto seedling Adam from FFF was grafting. The person who planted it told me it was a seedling but look back through some threads I don't know if Adam was selling seedlings. No way for me to tell unless Adam chimes in. I don't recall seeing a picture of the fruit on his tree.

Starry Nursery Sale Page
Fresh Seeds grown in Sarasota, FL

  • Annona acutiflora $3 each SOLD
  • Jaboticaba Plinia phitrantha 'ESALQ' - $4 each, only 0 available SOLD. May have a few more soon.
  • Jaboticaba Plinia trunciflora - $4 each, only 0 available SOLD.

Shipping is $4 in a padded mailer with tracking. USA ONLY.
Message me with your order and I will send over my paypal address with the total.

Jaboticaba Plinia phitrantha 'ESALQ'

Jaboticaba Plinia trunciflora

Annona acutiflora

Here is a nice picture of the fruit from my friends at Sulcata Grove. I was unable to get a proper taste from my tree unfortunately but I was able to recover some seeds.

Got the PMs. It seems to be working fine right now. Thanks everybody.

Pm sent. In case you don't get it, I'll take 10.

I replied. Hopefully everything is going through just fine. Thanks.

Seeds for sale.

$1 each. 10 seed minimum. $4 shipping in padded mailer with tracking. USA only.

PM me with your order and I will send over the total with my paypal address.

The tree may be a natural hybrid with squamosa since the leaves are very large and the protuberances on the fruit. Here are the larger leaves of the Vino Tinto with a typical reticulata on top.

There is a possibility these seeds were crossed with this reticulata because I was favoring cross pollination when hand pollinating but there is no way of knowing since I didn't mark the flowers. There was also some Dream pollen in the mix at times. They could be crossed or not is all I am trying to say.

Here is the reticulata that it could be crossed with.

I have fruited this tree that came from Adam. The owner of the farm I work at thought it was a seedling tree and I couldn't see any graft union after inspecting the tree after it has matured. I had previously sold scions as 'SSVTS' thinking it was a seedling but I am not sure anymore after reading this thread. Maybe it was a seedling from when Adam fruited it or perhaps it was a grafted tree from him. Here are some pictures of the fruit. It had mild grit and a decent sweetness. The leaves are unique and look like a mix between reticulata and squamosa but has a ripening period of reticulata. The fruit have these distinct protuberances that aren't typical for reticulata. I have only eaten a handful of different reticulata so I don't have the experience to properly judge it but it was pretty good. I am putting the seeds in the sale section now if anyone is interested.

Maybe if Adam sees this he can recall if he sold any seedling trees. I think he bought it at the Manatee sale 7 or 8 years ago.

Mine fruited. I liked the taste, was just disappointed that they are small and not so much to eat. But the taste was kind of like passionfruit.

Did you taste the seeds? Congrats on the fruiting!

I hope you feel 100% soon. Raul is a legend. His ilama hunting trip where he was dodging cartel was pretty crazy as well.

Pm sent

I didn't get it. Send it again. I'll pm you as well. Thanks.

I have some more fresh seed coming in now. I really love this Eugenia.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Wildlife in your fruit trees ?
« on: May 05, 2021, 02:01:27 PM »
Here are some native anoles breeding on my Fei banana.

Josh put Guillermo's seeds in giberic acid for over 48 hours and then put them in a ziplot bag with moist coconut fiber and within 2 weeks they started to germinate.

Very nice. I am going to make some ga3 this week. Thanks!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Long sleeve spf work shirts
« on: May 01, 2021, 03:18:02 PM »
I have been using these shirts almost daily for years.

25% off promo code 25OFFWEB

If you order 3 or 4 you get free shipping. I just ordered 4 for less than $40 shipped. They have some with hoods as well but  I like them without better. I also order plain white so they are cooler.

I am 6'1 and 175lbs and the medium fits me perfect.

I have no attachment to this company it is just a good deal and can vouch for the product. Just thought it would help some people out.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: trec-2
« on: May 01, 2021, 02:01:59 PM »
I ate one fruit from a 15 gal potted plant. I was small size, excellent flavor and has a pointy shape. I think I have a graft flowering on an inground tree so hopefully I can get some more experience.

Ruby Supreme 10-30 is supposed be more fly resistant and different than Ruby Supreme.

Ruby Supreme and Ruby X Supreme should be the same but who knows. It really depends on where you get it since so much stuff is mislabeled.


Not my photo. Matt Snow of the Matt's Giant took it.

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