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Matt's giant huh? Very interesting. 7 or 9 years ago I posted some pix of Mossman and Flying Saucer black sapotes and they ratchet the jumbo thing up to a place that is surprising. You cant use fruit that big.

This is what I was thinking. I am going to dig up the picture of the Matt's I have saved from someone else. I have a Maher here right now that seems to be around the same size. I had heard stories of the fruit getting to be the size of dinner plate but the two pictures I have seen are not even close. My friends topwork and my Matt's is flowering now so hopefully I'll have fruit next year and maybe there are some real whoppers in the mix.

So many people talk down on this fruit but I love it. I think it has a good flavor and also comes into bearing when there aren't a whole lot of other fruits around.

It is a good size fruit but I remember the monsters that you posted in Australia.

Thanks for posting Julie! Did you notice any taste differences between the fruit?

Good price for seed and a pretty easy tree to grow. They seem to graft pretty easily in my experience. I didn't mean to hijack your thread. 

Pmd about ilama seed availability. Any left to purchase? Mahalo

Ilama seed is sold out. My tree is flowering now. Hopefully I will have more seed later this year. Thanks.

Zoli is a great seller. I have had good germination with my multiple purchases from him. Nice sterile packaging and he is a knowledgeable collector and I have been lucky enough to hang out with him a few times searching, collecting and eating different places.

Just wanted to give him a bump.

How big was the Matt's giant fruit?  I have only seen one picture of it. Good luck with the sales.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Pitomba Eugenia luschnathiana seeds
« on: April 29, 2021, 06:01:22 PM »
Pitomba Eugenia luschnathiana seeds

Just now ripening.

$2 per seed. 5 seed minimum. $4 shipping with tracking in a padded envelope.

USA only.

PM me with your order and I will send the total and my paypal address.

These are really good. They remind me of apricots. I think this is a better strain then some others since I have tasted bad ones and other people have bad taste reports. I have branches from another tree from the same seed batch grafted onto this and they taste the same so they should be similar high quality.

Guillermo's seeds are ready for planting, received on April 9th, thanks Josh.

Holy Moly! Did you treat them with anything. Nice sprouts.

I wish I could visit this show :(
How far is this from miami is this an annual show?

It is about 4 hours from Miami probably. We skipped last year due to covid but it has been every year before for over 30! It switched to an outdoor venue this year.

Before it was all set up that morning and people working could pull some plants. There was so much there it didn't really make a dent. I am not sure about details this year. I am hands off in the tree sale planning and also not a vendor this year. This isn't the typical single vendor tree club sale.


Manatree Rare Fruit Council sale Sunday May 16th. It is at a new outdoor location.

Many people. Keep trying.

I think this is my 3rd order of buddy tape from Behl. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!! again. Great forum member.

Thank you everyone for the feedback.  I still have some Restinga seed for sale. I sold out of the Grimals.

I am guessing after a certain time lapse they become locked.  I have boomer tier web skills and currently crawling though arch linux and attempting to make a zero bloat html website for my nursery/experimental grove/photo database. There are a few developer/IT guys that post here so maybe we can at least get a expiration time line to help keep the repeat sellers nice and tidy "storefront" pages open.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Unlocking nursery thread?
« on: April 14, 2021, 08:50:48 PM »
I think the settings changed at some point. I tried to revive some old sales posts and ended up making new ones.

Sorry to post this here but I've reached out to three admins and can't seem to reach anyone (blocked by FFF?).

I'm trying to open my nursery thread's original post to post as required by the forum rules, although my initial post is locked.  Can any admins help me out?



I sent a pm too but no reply.  I live nearby and would like to pick up some seeds.

Hi Odenwald,
I'm not offering pickup at this time. I am only shipping. I'll send you a pm now with this message to see if you are still interested. I have a handful of grimal seeds left and you have first dibs if you still want them.


PM sent  :)

I sent you a PM. Let me know if you got it. Your original message didn't come through. I sent you my email address as well.

PM sent. Let me know if you got it since most of my PMs donít seem to be going through

I just messaged you. I didn't get your PM. I'll PM you again with my email if you want to email me.

Raul, you are a legend. Great seller as always. Muchas gracias!!!!!

SOLD OUT  ----  Thank you.

I just harvested a small amount of Grimal seeds.

$3.50 each    3 seed minimum

$4 shipping with tracking

USA only

You can combine shipping with the Coronata Restinga seeds here.

Thanks for looking.

I am slowly getting through my messages in the order they were sent. I'll get back to everyone to let you know about payment. I have some picked but the fruit are still coming in as well. Thanks for the interest.

I am slowly getting through my messages in the order they were sent. I'll get back to everyone to let you know about payment or if they are sold out. I have been busy and have family in town. Thanks for the interest.

Sold out. Thank you all. I hope to have more fruit this year. I will message everyone back that has sent them.

I still have some Guilermo Ilama seeds left. These have been in dry storage for 4 months or so which can be a good thing. There are other threads to search for germination tips.

$3 each. 3 seed minimum.

$4 shipping in padded mailer with tracking.
USA only.

PM me for paypal info.

You can combine shipping with these Jaboticaba Plinia coronata 'Restinga' seeds here as well.

Thanks! -Josh

Fresh Jaboticaba Plinia coronata 'Restinga' seeds for sale.

$3.50 each  -  3 seed minimum

$4 shipping in padded mailer with tracking.

USA only.

PM me for paypal address. Thanks! - Josh

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