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If you read what i wrote, i never mention things untrue or misleading. Simply stating your opinion on the matter is negatively biased and worth jack shit if you didnt personally go attempt this lifestyle yourself. Just cuz your reality sucks doesnt mean ya need to project that on others

@johnb51 just because it is not for you or the people you know doesnt mean ya need to share your perspective. Like, if YOU had attempted to go live that dream and were sharing personal experiences thatd be more helpful, not just conjecture based off of somebody elses experience. Just sayin

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Pictures from the yard
« on: May 28, 2021, 12:15:15 PM »

Here is my pretty little linda grafted avocado. She was barely a stick a year ago, and still a bit small. Coming in strong with new growth this year

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Pictures from the yard
« on: May 26, 2021, 10:47:36 PM »

Dwarf honey tangerine. Loaded with fruitlets currently and produces amazing fruit.

My unknown jaboticabo. In ground 2 years, stands 4 feet tall.

My gifted mystery mango is also the largest of all the trees we have planted. It was in a pot for 5 years in someones driveway prior to being rescued. It supposedly is a variety that will set flowers in my wet puna climate and the parent tree was a good producer.. Those leaves tho!! Is 18 inch leaves a dead giveaway for variety? None of the other mango trees i look at have leaves anywhere close to this size. Any ideas??

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Pictures from the yard
« on: May 26, 2021, 09:16:30 PM »
Thanks for appreciating my wife and my hard work    :D
I dont do social media, so it is nice to share pictures with people that know what im even showing them. Was inspired by a few other threads of yard tours so istarted my own. Will continue uodating with more pics, just showing off the big trees first then all the little guys

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Pictures from the yard
« on: May 26, 2021, 12:13:17 PM »

Some other dragonfruits

This is my most healthiest dragonfruit grouping. A young rollinia to the right that was topped and pruned heavy during the winter. Filling in quite nicely now. Hoping for first fruits this year

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Pictures from the yard
« on: May 26, 2021, 11:58:50 AM »
Id be pretty screwed without good drainage lol 2200mm/year avg rainfall..

Dragonfruits taking over my albezia stumps. One is much more recent but was started better and grew rapidly. The older one has its first flower coming in after about 2 years. Purple variety i believe, though it is hard to remember all the varieties i bought over the last couple years. I have between 4 and types around the yard. Most recent addition is the paloma

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Pictures from the yard
« on: May 25, 2021, 07:39:52 PM »
Yeah the initial strategy was to fill the natural depressions or pukas of the lava flow. Now we are building up growing spots and holding together with logs. I intend to have waves of large truck fulls of wood chips brought in after i grade the property with cinder. Gonna get that humus buidling up and connecting all my trees to one another! All in due time.. Still building out the homestead as well, but eventually will be putting my all into the land

Got seeds quick and packed well!! Any advice on germinating reticulata seeds? Other annonas seem to sprout well enough but all my attempts at reticulatas ended up getting worms in the seeds. Not giving up yet, im derermined to get some custard apple trees to go for me!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Pictures from the yard
« on: May 25, 2021, 10:34:14 AM »

My large abiu tree! Planted 2 at the same time from same nursery and one of them grew twice as big.. Anyways, tall one has hundreds if flowers right now!

Mangifera Casturi tree. Very excited for this one. Close relative of mango but bears prolifically even in rain. Supposed to be the most reliable mango in our wet climate here. In ground 1.5 years. Stands 4ft tall

Peanut butter fruit tree is going off this year. Loaded with flowers, like 10 times as much as last spring. In ground 1.5 years. Stand about 7 or 8 feet.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Pictures from the yard
« on: May 25, 2021, 10:15:17 AM »
Definitely different rules to growing here. No irrigation needed. Soil is scarce and precious and rocks abound. Basically growing on top of lava rock. But it works haha

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Pictures from the yard
« on: May 24, 2021, 09:46:05 PM »
Thought it would be fun to share some pics of some of the trees around my property. I live on the east side of the big island Hawaii on 2 acres. 2nd acre is only recently cleared and not planted out. Ive been here for about 3 years.

This is my gorgeous emperor lychee. In ground 1.5 years, 4ish feet tall

This is my ma'afala breadfruit. In ground around 2 years. 10ish feet tall after topping

Here is my unnamed chocolate sapote. In ground 2ish years, stands about 3.5feet after topping this year. Has first flowers on it currently

This is my first soursop tree. In ground almost 2.5 years and produces amazing fruits in winter. Stands about 12 feet at tallest branch. Has been topped

My black gold jackfruit tree!! In ground around 2.5 years and producing delicious fruits. Harvested my first ripe one about a month and half ago. It was ugly, black exterior, about 40lbs, and incredibly delicious!! It was also my wife amd my first real experience with fresh jackfruit. I started 4 seedlings from it and also have a chempadek seedling in ground and a dwarf pink ziman jackfruit planted. Looking forward to the next round of fruits! More to come...

Also sent an email hoping to hear back

Oops.. Thats the only ppk ive ueard of until now haha :P

I believe it us an acronym for phet phat kong atemoya

Kona side gets better results with most mangoes, figs, and dates. Also havent seen productive pomegranates in hilo side

@Mick Mick maybe try reading posts. The OP has stated several times that he is sold out and will have more in some weeks potentially.

Oh boy ill have to act faster for round 2!!

Your website says no seed orders until the 12th, i was curious if you had any annona seeds or seedlings available. I can meet locally to pick up. Mahalo

Pmd about ilama seed availability. Any left to purchase? Mahalo

Very first jackfruit harvest from my 4 year old (I think) tree. I believe it is the 'Black Gold' variety, but not sure. It was very tasty, and crunchy. My first fresh experience so not much frame of reference but thoroughly enjoyed it. Weighed at least 50 lbs.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Tangerines or Blueberries?
« on: April 22, 2021, 10:51:01 AM »
Brah... I have fruiting blueberry bush in my front yard in HPP!! There are several places that sell the plants out here. Homedepot for sure has little ones and also check out the small nursery on 14th and Makuu here in my neighborhood. There is also Howard at the Makuu farmers market. They grow fine here as long as you plant with lots of cinder for drainage and i mixed in wood chips to the soil as well. The berries are decent. Im from washington originally so know what an awesome berry tastes like. Aloha

Aloha, I have to say you are misinformed about the mangoes. There are in fact several varieties that will keep flowers even if rainy. A close relative to the mango 'mangifera casturi' is our absolute best mango option here in puna, they sell them at gaia yoga nursery. There is another relative i havent been able to find yet in person that will do well ' mangifera lalijewo'.
Lastly at least 2 standard mango varieties are said to do well in our region: fairchild and nam doc mai. Really want to find that lalijewo tree, they are known as honey mangoes in se asia with green skin and bright orange not fibrous flesh amd incredibly sweet.
Happy growing

I dont think it is that easy to delcare a mamey yet as both of my young mameys have pointed leaves.. The quest continues

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