Author Topic: For sale/trade: Edible Air Potatoes, Yams, Lerén, etc.  (Read 2054 times)


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For sale/trade: Edible Air Potatoes, Yams, Lerén, etc.
« on: November 03, 2018, 06:19:07 PM »
Hi all! This post is where I'm going to advertise my root crops. I hadn't actually intended on doing it until after the end of the harvest season (December to February), but since I'm going to harvest my Lerén and Potato Mint in a few days (and I already have a few bulbils in hand), I decided to advertise all of it in a single place. I might be interested in trades, depending on what you have.

As stated elsewhere, I have PM'd previously interested parties prior to posting this, and if supplies run out, I will be taking note to provide on a first-come basis at next availability. So PM me what you're interested in, and if you didn't make it to this batch, I'll keep you in mind for the next month's batch.

I currently have some very few large bulbils of the edible Dioscorea bulbifera CV-1. Due to their size, I'm offering each at $5. I have a few medium bulbils on the vine that I might be able to pluck if need be, and those are at $2.50. There's a few smaller ones coming in, but I wouldn't pluck them until they reach medium size, to ensure viability. If I still get inquiries after this year's bulbils are gone, I'll dig up some of the roots from the 40-yam tote to supply, at $5. They'll be shipped in a paper bag (inside their package). They're likely to be dormant: last year's bulbils didn't sprout for me until May, despite being sown immediately on harvest.

Calathea allouia - Lerén rhizomes (not the tubers) are available at "2 pieces for $5", shipped in media unless you request otherwise.

Plectranthus rotundifolius - Hausa Potato Mint: rooted cuttings for $5 (potted in a party cup), 3 tiny tubers for $1 (if the plant made any tiny ones, like last year). Like the air potato, tubers will be dormant.

Bulbil production on Dioscorea polystachya seems meager so far. They can be provided on special request, but their dormancy is worse than bulbifera, so they'll take a good while longer to sprout.

So far, I don't expect bulbils on the purple D. alata this year, and the African Sena D. bulbifera started late in the game, but I'll update the situation as the season goes by.

I'm not comfortable sharing the Florido D. alata because I grew it in the same tub as some scabby potatoes; I don't wanna spread any pathogens. I'll be growing it again from a store-bought yam next year.

I haven't multiplied any of the Guinea Yams, not much to spare, but I might be able to spare a piece on special request. I don't know what to expect from the D. trifida this year, but I might have small pieces available at $3. All of these in this paragraph won't be harvested until the vines die back, between December and February.

Recap (currently available items):

D. bulbifera CV-1:
Large Bulbil / Root - $5
Medium Bulbil - $2.50

2 Rhizome Pieces - $5


Hausa Potato Mint:
Rooted Cuttings - $5
3 Tiny Tubers - $1

D. polystachya Bulbils - Special request.

All costs are mutually waived if we agree to a trade.

Disclaimer: Some of the species listed here may have invasive potential to varying degrees. Domestic edible air potatoes rarely last long in the wild, but having said that, please harvest and weed diligently to avoid escapees. Grow responsibly.
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Re: For sale/trade: Edible Air Potatoes, Yams, Lerén, etc.
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2018, 08:05:11 PM »
The Lerén harvest is done and all pieces have been sold off. I've set aside a couple to grow them again, and some others reserved for some folks that wanted some but couldn't have them shipped at the moment. That's it for this year, thanks for the interest.