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F2 citrange winter hardiness trial

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I have 2 Meyer seedlings in the cold frame as a control comparison against my other hybrids. At 20F (-6.6C) in the 2020/2021 Winter there was no damage. During the immediate past Winter (2021/2022) at 15F (-9C) they were severely damaged and haven't recovered yet. We have the issue of repeated low temperatures, unlike the Southern US, which tends to have shorter intervals of cold weather. 
All of my Poncirus hybrids are more cold resistant than Meyer lemon.

400+ Outdoor trees, Segentrange hybrids, as well as Poncirus rootstock in waiting for high grafting.

In addition to Segentranges, there are 5* Citrumelos and Taitri trees grafted on Poncirus in this planting. Some of these selections are proven survivors, others are planted for Winter testing. Not all will survive!

Good fruit set on Poncirus, many of these fruits are pollinated by Meyer lemon pollen. These trees are consistant producers of larger, juicy fruits. Seediness is not less, but the larger fruit provides more space for flesh. These were sourced from the late Major B. Collins of Tifton, Georgia USA, a cold hardy Citrus enthusiast.

very interesting, I also like meyer lemon as a good often flowering and fruiting plant. Curios to the winterhardiness of poncirusmeyer  :D

3 year old 5 star citrumelo seedlings showing fruits, many of these result from summer flowers, which may not ripen by late October.

I wonder how far along a citrus seed has to be to be viable.  Barley seeds are viable at 2 weeks post pollination, even though the seed coat looks pretty empty.
Do you have plans to extend the season by covering the mother plants for a while?
Have you thought about embryo culture if the seeds are too immature?


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