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Can anyone tell me about Dr. Robert Dunstan? About citrus growers Brown, Chapman, Nagle, you can find at least some grains of information. I didn't find anything about Dunstan, except that he is from Gainesville, FL. As far as I understand, judging by the names, he is the author of "Dunstan citrumelo" and "Dunstan Honey Mandarin"? And the synonym of the latter is probably "Honey Changsha", the seeds of which I got last fall. Who is familiar with the origin of these varieties, or who knows anything about Robert Dunstan? Are his other creations known?

This may your person of interest. He was a very active plant breeder, involved in grape and American Chestnut breeding among other pursuits. He lived at a time when people seemed to be larger than life. Perhaps social media has allowed us to become bland and jaded?

Thank you, kumin! Apparently I wasn't looking there (mostly on citrus forums). So he's the creator of Dunstan Citrumelo and Honey Changsha? Did I draw the right conclusions? Because there is also very little information about the origin of these varieties.

Unless there was a doppelganger I think he's the same "amateur" breeder. Seriously dedicated enthusiasts may lack the credentials, but have historically been great achievers.

Yes, he is responsible for the Dunstan Citrimelo. I have never heard of the mandarin. He is also in a way responsible for the Southern Home hybrid grape. His "impossible" hybrid material was given to Bob Zehnder who continued the work and eventually gave seed from some of his hybrids to Dr. Mortensen at the University of Florida. Mortensen grew the seed out selfed the best selection and from that seed grew the Southern Home grape which he patented. Neither Zehnder nor Dunstan are ever mentioned in the write up about the grape's development.


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