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Citrangequat 19-15-7



--- Quote ---A more attractive tree than either Sinton or Thomasville. Fruit slightly larger than Thomasville, much larger than Sinton; darker orange rind color than Thomasville, not quite as dark as Sinton. As an ornamental, this one would be my choice over Sinton & Thomasville. None of the 3 are really edible but this one is nearest to edible in my opinion.
--- End quote ---

This is pretty good praise to me given Thomasville is mentioned as one of the best poncirus descendants.

Has anyone had experience with this? How is its flavor and hardiness?
I did a search but didn't see any comments.

I only can report to Thomasville. Thomasville has two big advantages, very good frosthardiness (by protection from wintersun) and very delicioud fruit, I tested my first one two weeks ago and I was surprised by the very good flavour, in my taste a mix of orange/pomelo/ grapefruit, no bitterness.
Only disadvantage is the late ripeness of the fruit, in March/April.

Is it similiar to this one?
It is Augusta Citrangequat at McClendons Yard


Interesting! Never saw. that one before.
There are 3 citrangequats at the UCR, not sure if Augusta is one of thm or. another. I intend to order budwood one day.


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