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trifoliate orange not growing new foliage or anything

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Good to hear, glad you didn't give up on it

Seems I was a bit hasty with my optimism.
those brown dots have not opened up yet (and no they're definitely not bugs ;) ) but the bottom of the soil in the container is still  moist, so the plant doesn't drink because he has no foliage, but won't grow foliage despite being in a lot of sun.
Some of the lower thinner branches are getting a color between green and yellow, the thick main branches remain green.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to wait with watering until mid august with a root booster because now the soil is not dry enough yet, and I'm also afraid he won't produce any foliage this year, that it will be for next spring.

I did prune him a little, like those branches or twigs that were in the way, crossing eachother or starting to get a bit yellow in order to push him to start growing but so far no luck.


--- Quote from: mikkel on June 01, 2022, 04:14:15 AM ---Ilya, is the precocious Poncirus also flowering as early as on its own roots when grafted on standard Pt? If I remember right @Till told me that grafted precocious Pt isn`t flowering for him. What is your experience with this?
Small poncirus in general are slow growing outdoors for me. Only in the greenhouse they grow sufficiently. But even my grafted precocious Pt does not bloom in the greenhouse.

--- End quote ---
Mikkel, sorry for the late answer. In my experience on the regular PT roots it is flowering profusely, but fruiting is rather sparce. I also have this FF variety grafted on clementine. After an initial growth it shedded all the leafs and is not growing already for three years.

If you haven't already, try taking a cutting from your main plant and rooting it as a backup or to give a chance to grow fresh roots.

This FFT cutting started growing leaves very quickly inside my fish tank where I root cuttings outside in the shade and now has roots!

The main plant still has no leaves but I took it out a of the pot a few days ago hit it with rooting hormone and stuck it back in the pot inside the fish tank, now it's finally swelling buds even without roots! go figure lol so my guess is there is something going on with your root system probably not taking up water and I would check for rot.

FFP seem to be sensitive to conditions in a pot.  Maybe it applies to standard Poncirus as well. The ones growing in pots have very few leaves while the ones growing in the ground are fine.  Uneven/incomplete  watering or other stressful conditions could be sending  the message, 'Wait for a more favorable  environment before sending out new growth' 
Can you plant your Poncirus in the ground?


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