Author Topic: Seedling sale: rare Inga, Garcina, Annona, Myrciaria, and Eugenia  (Read 734 times)


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Seedling sale: rare Inga, Garcina, Annona, Myrciaria, and Eugenia
« on: September 11, 2022, 07:25:13 PM »
What a great time to be a rare fruit collector! I have been traveling to South America to meet and source rare seeds from the communities from which they come and share how valuable these trees can be to the world. I am back from the latest expedition and now time to do some boring inventory and sales while watching football. Geaux Saints!

My travels have taken me to the Peruvian Amazon to live with families in the flood plains to collect fruit... to the indigenous Tikuna community of Columbia and all over Brazil. Much much more to come.

Inga vera from Lima
Inga edulis true version from Peru
Inga parterna from Guatemala
Inga nobilis from Iquitos Peru

Garcinia sp Redondo
Garcinia bahiensis
Garcinia de Bico
Garcinia madruno ( my favorite... tastes like lemonheads with little latex)
Garcinia aristata the cuban mangosteen

Annona (Will have some really rare annona and duguetia coming... stay tuned)
Annona montana "San Martin Pina" this var tastes exactly like pineapple. I am growing out at least 2 for my yard (I live in L.A. and spave is super limited... that should tell you how much I like this one!)
Annona Sylvatica
Annona hypoglauca from Peru amazon
Annona Mucosa "Biriba" the Lemona meringue annona
Myrciaria (quickly becoming my favorite genus)
Myrciaria sp Red Flame ... new growth looks like a red flame... gorgeous from seedshunter
Myciaria floribunda white trunk
Myrciaria sp Roxa

Eugenia caipora
Eugenia burkartiana
Eugenia aff patrissii

Rare amazon seedlings
Aegphilia integrifolio
Mouriri sp Amazonas
Manilkara decresens
Pradosia ptychandra  species comes from French Guiana. it grows up to 20 meters tall. Fruits are intensively eaten by monkeys therefore It is hard to get whole fruits. even-though this fruit has a little pulp, it is super sweet. all fruits are single seeded.

Pouteria sp Amazonas
Pouteria sp Acre
Pouteria torta
Pouteria ramiflora


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Re: Seedling sale: rare Inga, Garcina, Annona, Myrciaria, and Eugenia
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2022, 11:03:54 PM »
Received the 2 Annona montana "San Martin Pina" in excellent shape, very well packed! Not even a single leaf drop. Thanks Joe!


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