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We recently posted the following seeds for sale:

Annona cacans Seeds
Annona conica Seeds
Annona spinescens (Red Cherimoya, Araticum de espinho) Seeds
Campomanesia schlechtendaliana (Gabiroba Verde Rugosa, Rugged Green Guabiroba) Seeds
Canarium schwienfuthii (African Olive) Seeds
Capsicum frutescens Seeds
Castilla elastica (Panama Rubber Tree) Seeds
Chrysophyllum cainito (Caimito, Star Apple) "Purple" Seeds
Eugenia candolleana (Rainforest Plum) Seeds
Eugenia involucrata - Cherry of The Rio Grande (CORG) Seeds
Eugenia luschnathiana (Pitomba) Seeds
Eugenia multicostata "Octocostata" Seeds
Eugenia sp. Juicy Yellow Seeds
Garcinia gummi-gutta (f.k.a. Garcinia cambogia) Seeds
Garcinia intermedia (Lemondrop Mangosteen) Seeds
Monodora myristica (Calabash nutmeg) Seeds
Ormosia aff. coccinea Seeds
Passiflora arborea Seeds
Passiflora maliformis Seeds
Passiflora sp. Marino Seeds
Phytosanitary Certificate
Plinia aureana "Branca Mel" Jaboticaba Seeds
Plinia aureana "Smooth" Jaboticaba Seeds
Plinia coronata "Restinga" Jaboticaba Seeds
Plinia inflata (regular Mulchi) Seeds
Plinia phitrantha "Branca Vinho of Otto Anderson" Seeds
Plinia phitrantha "Charles Novak" Jaboticaba Seeds
Plinia phitrantha "ESALQ Red" Jaboticaba Seeds
Plinia sp. Branca Melancia (aka Branca Rajada, Watermelon) Jaboticaba Seeds
Plinia sp. Grimal Jaboticaba Seeds
Plinia sp. Red Jaboticaba Seeds
Solanum sessiliflorum (Lulón, Cucona) Seeds
Synsepalum dulcificum (Miracle Fruit) Fruit Which Contain Seeds
Uribea tamarindridea Seeds

Purchase at:

I have Plinia sp. Red Jaboticaba seeds for sale for $.75 each, 50 seed minimum, up to 2,000 seeds available with enough notice given, domestic USA shipping $5, international shipping $17 (yes I will ship to any country and have shipped to many different countries is the past month including India and UAE successfully).  PM me with how many seeds you want, your email address for me to send invoice to, and your shipping address so I can figure out how much shipping cost to charge.  Seeds typically have 80%+ germination rate and will be less than a month old and often less than a week old.

Kind Regards,
James Farwell
Farwell Fruit Farm
Fort Myers, FL, USA

Fruit grower friends,

I have started a seed inventory newsletter that I send out 1-4X per month with a list of what seeds and prices that I have to sell from my farm.  I currently have 190+ different subtropical and tropical fruit species/cultivars growing, but only around 50 different types Have fruited.  Every month new trees fruit for the first time. The newsletter clearly identifies the cultivar sold and its exact harvest date so that you know how fresh the seeds are. All seeds are cleaned meticulously and stored at around 40-50 degrees in slightly moist vermiculite and some seeds are treated with hydrogen peroxide if there is any concern over possible mold.  Right now I am only taking bulk buyers (50 seeds minimum per order).  So, please message me with your name and email address and I will add you to my list. Bulk buyers only, I will not sell you less than 50 seeds per order at this time.

Kind Regards,
James Farwell
Farwell Fruit Farm
Fort Myers, FL

Eugenia brasilensis (Grumichama) seeds for bulk buyers, 100 seeds minimum, perfectly cleaned seeds will survive any international shipping and should be viable for months in slightly moist vermiculite, harvested June 9, 2020, $0.50 each.  Shipping from Farwell Fruit Farm ( in Fort Myers, FL USA.

Lot's of beautiful Plinias for sale on eBay or trade.  If you don't want to bid, let me know what you have to trade, I am interested in Plinia, Myrciaria, and Garcinia seeds, plants, and especially fruiting scions.  I don't post a lot on TFF, mostly on the Plinia Facebook page and my own farm page (

Plinia sp. Pingo de Mel Jaboticaba
Plinia sp. Malacacheta Jaboticaba
Plinia sp. INTA Misiones Jaboticaba
Plinia sp. Gota de Eldorado Jaboticaba
Suspected Plinia aureana X Plinia phitrantha "AxP" hybrid Jaboticaba
Plinia sp. Blue Velvet aka "Peluda do Mucuri" Jaboticaba
Plinia phitrantha "Phitrantha Branca"Jaboticaba
Myrciaria guaquiea "Guaquica"

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Red jaboticaba seeds for sale
« on: December 02, 2019, 11:25:25 AM »
I am selling fresh red jaboticaba (Plinia jaboticaba X Plinia aureana) seeds.  $1 each, 10 minimum, or $.75 each for 50 or more.  Domestic shipping is $5, international shipping $17.  I have eight producing trees that fruit throughout the year so I can gather quantities of up 500 seeds for bulk orders.  I would prefer to establish more relationships with commercial growers who are repeat buyers.  Germination rates should be 70-80%.  Seeds ship from the Farwell Fruit Farm in Fort Myers, FL. 

- James Farwell

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